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SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 191. 1914. 527 Southeast. Waclark Place, Nichols Avenue to Raleigh Street, grade and improve, $800; _Northeast. Hunt Place, Deane Avenue, and Grant Street, from Minnesota Avenue to Division Avenue, grade and improve, $14,400; Northeast. Streets in Burrville, Division Avenue to District line, grade, $10,000; Southeast. Fourth Street, Nichols Avenue to Savannah Street, grade and improve $1,000; Southeast. Sixth Street, Alabama Avenue to Savannah Street, grade and improve, $1,100; Southeast. Randle Place, Alabama Avenue to Savannah Street, grade and improve, $1,100; Northeast. Twenty-fifth Street, Hamlin Street to Irving Street, grade and improve, $1,500; Northeast. Twenty-fourth Street, Irving Street to Hamlin Street, grade and improve, $3.300; Northeast. Otis Street, Twelfth Street to Fourteenth Street, grade, $4,200; Northwest. Harrison Street, Belt Road to Wisconsin Avenue, grade and improve, $5,400· Northwest. Forty-first Street, from Ingomar Street to Harrison Street, grade and improve, $800; Northeast. Keamey Street, Fourteenth Street to Eighteenth Street, ugrade and improve, $5,500; In a , $142 500. Hereafter the street designated as the Avenue of the Presidents d,§§}"" °""°P'“*‘ shall be known and designated as "Sixteenth Street" in accordance Sgxsmggy tc with the original plans of the city of Washington. ‘ To pave with as halt or bituminous concrete roadway, Nichols N*°”°"”°“°°·°‘° Avenue from Good Hope Road to present end of granite-block pavement south of Sheridan Street, forty feet wide, and of the south approach of the Navy Yard Bridge across the Eastern Branch from Good Hope Road to the bridge a utment, $30,500. P,,,,,m,.mys,,m,,, To carry out the provisions contained in the Act making ap]i)r;pria· Mgyggghg www tions to rovide for the expenses of the government of the trict em. ummm wmi of Columlbia for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hun- V’°’· “"·*’·°“°· dred and fourteen, and for other purposes, which authorizes the Commissioners of the District of Columbia to open, extend, or widen an street, avenue, road, or_ highway to conform with the lan of tlie permanent system of highways in that portion of the District of Columbia outside of the cities o Washinigton and Georgetown, thereis hereby appropriated, payable entirely rom the revenues ,,,Q,'{,’f;:g’,"°"‘ ”"°’*°‘ of the District of Columllxia, such sum as is necessary for said purpose

 the fiscal year to end June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and

teen. Rm>ams—S·rm~:r·:·rs, AvENm·:s, arm ALLEYBZ For current work of aypm °‘ m°°f°’ repairs of streets, avenues, and allegrs, including resurfacing and repairs to asphalt pavements with the same or other not inferior material, an this appropriation shall be available for repairing stmt mm pavements of street railways when necessary; the amounts thus W" expended shall be collected from such railroad companies as provided V¤1-2¤»1>·1°5- by section five of "An Act providing a permanent form of ovemment for the District of Columbia," a proved June eleventi, eighteen hundred and seventy-eig1ht, and slilall be deposited to the credit of the appropriation for the fiscal year in which they are collected, $339* 185' . . . . . Changing curbs, etc. The authontyiglven the Commissioners of the District of Columbia V¤1·34»p· mo. in the Act ma g apipropriations for the expenses of the District of Columbia, approve _March_second, nineteen hundred and_ seven, to make such c anges m the hues of the curb of Pennsylvania Ave-