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SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 191. 1914. 537 in any building unless all outside doors thereto used as exits or entrances shall <;§en outward and be kept unlocked every school dag/Ofrom one-h hour before until one—half after school hours. Lnrnsu INSTITUTION FOB THE DEAF: For expenses attending the “*** "“"*" P°" instruction of deaf and dumb persons admitted to the Columbia Institution for the Deaf from the District of Columbia., under section 1%-8-. sw- 48f·4,1>·¤42· forty-eight hundred and sixty-four of the Revised Statutes, and as V°l· 3‘·P·“‘· provided for in the Act approved March first, nineteen hundred and one, and under a contract to be entered into with the said institution by the commissioners, $12,250, or so much thereof as may be necessa . Iyer maintenance and tuition of colored deaf-mutes of teachable age °°‘°'°" °°“"""‘°" belonging to the District of Columbia in Maryland or some other State, under a contract to be entered into by the commissioners, $4,550, or so much thereof as may be necessary. For rnstruction of indigent blind children of the District of Colum- Bhd °“1‘“"‘* bia, in Maryland or some other State, under a contract to be entered into by the commissioners, $7,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary. METROPOLITAN POLICE. '°“°°· Major and superintendent $4,000; assistant superintendent, with S“'“‘“'• rank of inspector, $2,500· three inspectors, at $1 800 each; eleven captains, at $1,500 each; chief clerk, who shall also be prolperty clerk, $2,000; clerk and stenographer, $1,500; clerk, who shall e assistant propxerty plerk, $1 200; three clerks, at $1,000 each; four surgeons of the police and fire departments, at $720 each; addrtronal compensation or twenty privates detailed for special service in the detection and prevention o crime, $4,800, or so much thereof as may be necessary; thirteen lieutenants, one of whom shall be harbor master, at $1,320 each; forty-six sergeants, one of whom may be detailed for duty in the harbor ipatrol, at $1,250 each; four hundred and seventy- seven privates of c ass three, at $1,200 each; one hundred and seven privates of class two, at $1,080 each; fifty-six privates of class one, at $900 each; amount required to pay salaries of privates of class two who will be romoted to class three and privates of class one who will be promoted) to class two during the Hscal year nineteen hundred and fifteen, $4,881.53; six telephone operators, at $720 each; fourteen janitors, at $600 each; messengers——one $700, one $600; inspector, mounted, $240 ,fty-ive captains, lieutenants, sergeants, and prrvates, mounted, at $240 each; sixty-four lieutenants, sergeants, and privates, mounted on bicycles, at $50 each; twenty drivers, at $840 each; five police nprtrons, at $600 each, to possess police power of arrest; m all, $912,14 .53. To aid in support of the National Bureau of Criminal Identifica— ,, ,,¥d°““""‘ tion, to be expended under the direction of the commissioners, provided the several departments of the General Government may e entitled to like information from time to time as is accorded pohce departments of various municipalities privileged to membership therein, $500. LIISCELLANEOUSZ For fuel, $4,000; F“°l‘ For repairs and improvements to police stations and grounds, R°l"“”· $6 000; _ l•`or miscellaneous and contingent expenses, including purchase of p§$Zs°Yu°°°°°° °x new wagons, rewards for fugitives, modern revolvers, maintenance of card system, stationery, city directories, books of reference, periodicals, telegraphinglg telephoning, photographs, (printing, bmdmg, gas, ice, washing, me for prisoners furniture an repairs thereto, beds and bed clothing, insignia of office, purchase of horses, horse and vehicle for superintendent, bicycles, motor cycles, pohce eqrupments