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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 191. 1914. 547 For care and maintenance of children under a contract to be made S°*¤‘A¤¤’¤·*¤Yl¤m- with Saint Ann’s Infant Asylum by the Board of Charities, $6,000. mmonanr norms. Tamvmrv homes- Municipal lodgg house and wood ard: Su erintendent, $1 200- M¤¤¤i<**¤¤¤ ¤¤¤ei¤s foreman, $480; coo ,_ $360; night watiihman fol; six months, at $25 h°us°' per month, $150; mamtenance, $1,820; in all, $4,010. Temripmrg) Home for ex-Umon Soldiers and Sailors, Grand Army d,§;%¤,}°£’¤Y B°*· of the epu lic: Superintendent, $1,200; janitor, $360; cook, $360; ` maintenance, $4,000; in all, $5,920, to be expended under the direction of the commissioners; and ex—so1d.iers and sailors of the Spanish · War and the War with Mexico shall be admitted to the home. ‘ Southern Relief Society: For care and maintenance of indigent dyuggg R•¤•¤f €<>- and infirm men, women, and children under a contract to be made Y ` with the Southern Relief Society for the support of those under its care by the Board of Charities $5,000. For care and maintenance of women and children under a contract u,§_°P° ml MP mr to be made with the Florence Crittenton Hope and Help Mission by ° the Board of Charities, maintenance, $3,000. Hosrrrru. ron run Irxsann: For support of indigent insane of the ,,,§gg1j°" °' *¤°*¤¤¤* District of Columbia in the Government Hospital or the Insane, as provided by law, $385,000. For deportation of nonresident insane persons, in accordance with ¤°¤*°¤*· the Act of Co "to change the proceedings for admission to the Vol·30,P;811. Government Hospital for the Insane in certain cases, and for other purposes_," approved January thirty-first, eighteen hundred and DH8ty_nmB’drng§3'0i.)l(f· f th d` b ° ffi f th Dis M * Fwd- I1 en eo orngsum e rsurs ocero e - '¤¤°•¤° trict gfqilolum ia. is aireigrorized to advance tomgie secretzgy of the Board of Charities, upon repuisitions previously approv_ by the auditor of the District of Co umbia, and upon such security as the commissioners may require of said secretary, sums of money not exceeding $300 at one time, to be used only for deportation o nonresident rnsane persons, and to be accounted for monthly on itemized vouchers to the accounting omcer of the District of Columbia. Rnmzar or rim roon: For relief of the poor, including E3 of R·”¤'°'*¤•P¤°¤‘· physicians to the poor at not exceeding $1 per day each, who s l be agointed by the commissioners on the recommendation of the health o cer, $12,000. Tnausrorvryrrou or raurnns: For transportation of paupers, p_'{_¤¤•v¤*¤¤¢ ¤•¤— $3,000. ` W'0m¤1oUsn.—Administration:Superintendent, $2,500; chief clerk, W°,'*h°"¤°, I, · $1,200; assistant superintendent, $900; stenographer, $720; stenog- uf;. M N` rapher and officer, $600; Operation; Foreman, construction, $900; foreman, stone-crushing °"°""°““""'°" plant, $900; foreman, sawmill, $900; chief engineer and electrician, $1,100 ; superintendent brick kiln, $1,500; clay worker, $480; superintendent tailor sho , $480; Maintenance: Pihysician, $1,350; superintendent of clothing and ¥¤*¤’*¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤*¤**¤·- laundry, $720; storekee er, $660; steward, $900; stewardess, $480; veterinary and officer, §780; ca tain of guards $1,200; captain of night watch, $900; receiving anci)discharg1ng ofIicers—two at $1,000 each; superintendent laundry $480; day gua.r·ds—two at $720 each, thirty at $660 each;fifteen night guards, at $600 each; two day officers, at $480 each; four night officers, at $480 each; hospital nurse, $480; captain of steamboat, $900; engineer of steamboat, $840; rn all, $56 990. Igor maintenance, including super-intendence, custody, clothing, u,,"§f§§’°“ °‘ °*’°‘” guarding, care, and support of prisoners; rewards for fugrtryes; provisions, subsistence, medicine and hos ital instruments, furniture, and quarters for guards and other empliiyees and inmates; purchase