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SIXTY—THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cus. 191, 192. 1914. 553 forilemen, tagperi, skilledmhiborers, mechanics, laborers, sppcial 0 cemens on a street- way cross` oneins toro gtting, two janitors for laboratories of thel%SashingtonP:cnd town Gas Light Companies, market master, assistant market master, watchman, orses, carts, and wagons and to incur all necessary expenses incidental to carrying on such work and necessary for the proper execution thereof, such services and expenses to be paid from sai appro riation account. Sec. 6. That the commissioners shall not make requisitiom upon ¤.,I,${'" °” '°q““*‘ the apprgpriaticgils fépmlthe Treasury o§1thed§IB1:1iteddSés?tes for a laaiger amount uring e ca year nineteen un an teen than e Ezkeb OIL thetagpproprizfiong. from the revenues, including wac ce °cateso said °trict. Sec. 7: That all persons the employment of the government of ,,t°;" ,°{,¥,§°,.§', the District of Columbia hav1ng, as a result of such employment, cps- ;,**;¤*g_ W °¤¤¤¤*¤· £°d5.°%’§?€Fi°3ti “°$’é’”i’°i”"t°“.i§i °é‘.?.?'2.".‘§}d°i°°t‘.?.1*§°}°;‘.i€‘”g o ers 0 um1,sa,as ms 0 as the Commissigners of the Distrilieglof gplumbia shall make returns to said commissioners 0 su ro rty remaining rn theu·` possession, and the condition thereof, 8-Ild?W’1I;§1 reference to all property that may have come into their custody that shall have been consumed in use a statement showing the quantrty thereof and the purpose for which used. N 0 part of any money approcprmted by this Act sl;_all be used for theh;£ylr:1ent_1&o thewashmgton as_L1ght Com? L,lé|g*&;=Pg;;§ ¤•¤ pany or any furms said company a a rate m excess 0 em or 1.. 70 cents per og? thousand cubic feet 0;-5as so furnished for use in u° b“°°“‘gs°‘°‘£¤ any ofbthe public buildings of the Uni States or the District of 0 um ra. Sec. 8. Thatall laws and paris of laws to the extent that they are pj,*{g{”'**¤*** ***"•*•· ‘ inconsistent with this Act are repealed. Approved, July 21, 1914. _ · · Jun 21 m4. ..°il§%£t1£?.a. if $§tFé’¥£i° “e».m.g."‘*'°"‘“‘.i§‘}¤.§°’I.“f‘.L?.?‘*°* "‘%?.‘?‘i“.?‘§£°.‘£?2 ¤*=’·’**· *=*==-¤ County, Oklahoma. [Public, No- 146-I Be it enacted by the Senate and House o{_Representat·izves of the United States of Amer£ea in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the In- f,*;*g{*;*,*g*g;, mw grior be, and he is hetieby, tzarthorizelgl, in dirlscrption, todacplgplve gigs Jpxggnp rl:. ea.ssessments,toge erwi mapss owin mg to wayan e 'te . ’ location of posed drainage ditches, made under the laws of the wpmad State of Oklglhioma upon the allottees in Salt Creek drainage district numbered two, in Pottawatomie County, Qklahoma. _ Sec. 2. That the Secretary of the Interior be, and he is hereby, P"*"“°"‘· apthogigil, in his dislcretioné torpay the] amount aga1pst em Prom a' t t : ° t said assessmen s no exc 1,,,,,,,,,; ,,,,_ gl; tier acgetblfinaiiy allotment or portion thereof; and there is hereby A ti appropriated for said purpose, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriate , the sum of $21,183.39, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to be immediately available, the said sum to be ,,,*}£¥,‘§€"* "°"' reimbursable from the rentals of said allotments, not to exceed Efty er centum of the amormt of rents received annually, or from any ihndls gelonging to the said allottees, in the discretion of the Secretary f the nterror. _ O Snell?]. That inftgre gvent any allottee shall receiivgr a patentiiigi trivia ,,,‘{,§,§’,f",,§’,, ,“i?§§$m°”‘ t tmc t 0 an in an awfully constitute mn e c wiitahlin th; Saalfe o§()kl1a.homa beforg tgre Enited States shaljllrave beeg hll e as erein rovie teamountremaimngunan gliaill lie1c(b1§e lfirsfirst lien on siich allotinent, and the fact of suchllnen