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582 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. CHS. 220, 222. 1914. Jul 31.1914- CHAP. 220.— Authoriz° Secre of the Treasury to acce t con- [H‘yi°‘ 15u°‘1 gf) title land betwmeirihthe post-zldiyce site and Madison Streei) in the [Public, No. 150.] city B, Igla. momma Ga lie it enacted by the Senate and House o£dR¥rr·esentatives of the Public ¤¤uai¤&E?, United States cg Americajm C’ong·ress.assernb , hat the post-office §¤bg,§‘§§,“kf“ site, except w ere buildings, further addition, and_ approaches are now or may hereafter be located, may, in the discretion of the Secret.ary of the Treasury, be used as a public park, to be known as Roddenbery Park, to be maintained by the citg of Thomasville, under regulations prescribed from time to time y the Secretary of the ug_<:;¤g;¤g°° °‘ Wu- Thdiiy the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, author- ` ized, in his discretion, to acce&t conve ance of title to the land between the post-office site and adison Street; in the city of Thomasville, Georgia, and the said land so acquired shall therecglpon become High wb part of said post-office site: Provided, That the said arged postoflice site, except where buildings, further additions, and approaches are now or may hereafter be located, may, m the discretion of the Secret of the Treasury, be used as a public park, to be known as Roddefiig Park, to be maintained by the city of Thomasville,·.;1;i(;>ns to be prescribed from time to time by the Secretary o the asury. Approved, July 31, 1914. _ stl,1914. CHAP. 222.-—An Act Makmg’ appropriations for the current and con n lggun-12$7°·} expenses of the Bureau of Indian Aggirgfor fulfilling [Pubuc, Nm lm] and for other purposes, for the fiscal year en une thrrtreth, nmo- ¤pI,§’,‘},‘I‘};‘,,,§{,§,§’,‘f“‘““‘ Be it enacted by tbe Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of Amerika tn. Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and they are hereby, appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the pu ose of pa the current and contingent expenses of the Bureau Sl) Indian Xiilgrrs, for treaty stiHulations with various Indian tribes, and in full compensation for a offices the salaries for which are provided for herein or the

§rvice of theliiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and

teen, name y: _ surveymg. sucmug For the survey, resurvey, classification and allotment of lands in ‘°“°"””1°y’ °t°' ievegaltgr unéier tllpe provisioprspf the lgct o§1F§bruary eighlth, eighteen V¤1·24.v-388- un re an eighty-seven enty— ourt tatutes at arge a three hundred and eighty-eight) , entitled "An Act to provide forilthe allotment of lands in severalty to Ind1ans," and under aréy other Act or Acts providing for the surveyor allotmentof Indian lan s, $150,000, p_,,,,,,,,,.,,,t_ to be repaid prolilortionatelg out of any Indian moneys held in trust or otherwise y the United tates and available by law for such reim- Pmtam. bursable purposes and to remain available until expended: Provided, mg=XH*gm§j‘;s§fij:{6*fif That hereafter no part of said sum shall be used for the survey, resurvey, classification or allotment of any land in severalty on the public domain to ay Indian, whether of the Navajo or other tribes, within the State of ew Mexico and the State of Arizona, who was not residing upon the public domai1:-prior to June thirtieth, nineteen hundred semis. and ourteeng Provided er, That the surveys shall be' made in accordance with the provrsions for the survegf and resurveys of ublic lands, mcluding traveling expenses and per iem allowances in iieu of I _ t_ d subsistence to those employed thereon. ml`? ‘°”’ ”1““‘°’ For the construction, repair, and maintenance of ditches, reservoirs, p;§§§f""° “"°“ °*· and dams, purchase and use of irrigation tools and appliances, water rights, ditc es, lands necessa for canals, pipe lines, and reservoirs for Indian reservations and allybtments, and for drainage and protec-