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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 223. 1914. 611 extensionand remodeling, and new site, not exceeding $8,420.74, are made available for the extension of the mailing platform at the postoffice, courthouse, and customhouse building. Du Quoin, Illinois, post office: For completion, $7,000. Du Q“°*¤· m- Edwardsville, Illinois, post office: For completion, $31,000. m"”°“m°»m· El Reno, Oklahoma, ost office: For commencement, $5,000. E*R°”°· Om- Ennis, Texas, post ogcez For commencement $5,000. E“°*’·· Tu- Eureka. Springs, Arkansas, post office: For commencement, E"’°“ SP*“g“·‘·‘*· $20,000. ¤ _ Excelsior Springs, Missouri, post office: For continuation, $18,000. u;ix°°m°r Spd°°' Fairbanks, Alaska: For the purchase, at a price not in excess of F“"’““‘“‘··““*"· $15,000, of that asortion of the block whereon the United States courthouse and now stand, in the city of Fairbanks, Alaska, not now owned by the United States, $15,000. Fairfield Iowa, post office: For site, $8,800. F“*"“°*‘r I°“· Falmouth, Kentucky, post office; For site $5,()()g_ 1·`¤1m¤¤¤¤. Ky- Fargo, North Dakota, post office and courthouse: For site, $23,500. 1"°‘g°· N· D‘*· Farmville, Vi¥inia, post office: For site, $5,000. F'“"“""“°· V"· Fayetteville, ennessee, post office: For continuation, $15,000. F°"°"°"'m°·T°““‘· Fitzgerald, G80l$_B., post office: For site, $10,000. , A · 1"“·”‘°"“"·°°· Fort Atkinson, isconsin, ost office: For commencement, $3,000. F°"° ““““°“‘· w*’· Fort Fairfield, Maineikpost o&ce and customhouse: For site, $18,000. F°" F°*’“°“· “°· Fort Stanton, New exico, sanatorium: For wire fencing materials N- for the construction of a wire fence about eight miles in length along the southeastern boundary line of the reservation, $800. Front Rgal, Virginia, post office: For site, $8,000. F‘°"’ B°"“·V‘· Fulton, entucky, post office: For commencement, $5,000. I"““°“· K’· Fulton, Missouri, post office: For commencement, $3 ,000. mm “°· ~ . Fulton, New York, post office: For completion, $24,000. c F““°“· N: Y· Galveston, Texas, courthouse: For completion of remodeling and ,,,,§,’?,‘,‘{§§.__,°?· '*`"·· reconstruction, $50,000. Galveston, Texas, post oiHce and customhonse: For completion of ,°§,‘;,°‘,§f§°° °"" °“‘ rearrangement and construction of offices in third story, mcluding work incident thereto, $15,000. Gm CR Kam Garden City, Kansas, post office: For commencement, $3,000. Gm: :2* Gardiner, Maine, post office: For commencement, $3,000. G sz °' Gary, Indiana, post office: For continuation, $30,000. G";;m'; Gastonia, North Carolina, post office: For continuation, $5,000. “ ’ ‘;‘ Georgetown, Kentucg, post office: For continuation, $25,000. °°°”’°°‘""" " Glens Falls New Yor ,i£ost office: For continuation, $30,000. °l°““ F‘"‘* N‘Y‘ Glenwood, Iowa, post office: For site, $5,000. °l°‘“'°°°*I°"'“‘ Gouverneur, New York, post office: For commencement, $6,000. °°“"°“‘°"“· N‘Y‘ Grand Rapids, Michigan: To make Hnal settlement with A. G. m°:§Q‘§§,,_R°*"°“· Dickinson for rent of temporary quarters for the use of Government officials pending the reconstruction of the Federal buildmg, $1,161.22. Greele , Colorado, post office: For continuation, $60,000. °'°°*¤Y·°°*°- Greenfield, Massachusetts, post office: For commencement, $5,000. °'°°¤”°’d· Hm- Greenville, North Carolina, ost office: For completion, $9,000. °*°°¤°’m°·N—°- Grenada, Mississippi, post oi£ce: For commencement, $15,000. G*°¤“¤· WS- Hyton, Virginia, post officez For continuation, $20,000. H°¤*P°°¤»V°· H ord, California, post office: For continuation, $31,000. H¤¤'°¤*·€¤*- Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, rent of buildings: For rent of tempo- m%f"*=’·b¤*=· Per quarters for the accommodation of Government officials, $5,000. _ agendersonville, North Carolina, post office: For completion, H¤¤<*¤¤=<>¤v¤¤¤.N-G $29,000. Hickory, North Carolina, st office: For completion, $10,000. m"k°"'* N‘ °‘ Hillsboro, Texas, post oiliiie: For completion, $10,000. Hm""’°'°* T? Hilo, Hawaii, post office, customhouse and courthouse: For con- H“°·H°“”· tinnation, $25,000. Hobart, Oklahoma, post office: For site, $10,000. Hom °*=‘·· Holland, Michigan, post officez For continuation, $24,000. H°“““‘l· “°"·