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616 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 223. 1914. the best interests of the United States; for care of vacant sites under the control of the Treasury Department, such as necessary fences, filling dangerous holes, cutting grass and weeds, but not for any penlmanent nnprovexnienfs thegeon; forgepairsl an;lhprese;I*vsait1<;ntlnf u dmgs no reserve y ven ors on si es un er e con ro o e Treasu Department acquired for public buildings or the enlarglement ol? ub 'c buildings, the e nditures on this account for the ,,m,,_m_ curxw fiscal lyelnrdnlot to §)xcee2dp€fift§§n pe; clnntum nf the annual Mndnehwpitekmd re t 0 suc u` r at 0 the sum erein a roq“°”“°“°S°°°‘°”S` priinted not exceeding $100,000 may be used for xxéanline hosrlgpls an uarantine stations, inc ud1ng` wire partitions an screens or Timmy buudmgl %%m¢i} anfllglott excenvding $14,00% for th? éllIiB8.SI{)1'_Y, `llintlng anld inder u' at as` on istricto oumiaincu` te Rgtdction 0,, ,_ old buil oigzhe Bureau of ’ avin and Printin : Prognkied E pe . . f ¤¤¤¤1=¤¤#<>¤¤- further, That this sum shall not be availab e for the pafyment of personal services except for work done by contract or or temporary 'ob labor imder enc not exceeding at one time the sum of $100 I . 9mg Y _ _ at any one building, $725,000. m§{,‘iY*““°°' °‘*‘“P‘ Mechanical eauipmentz For installation repair of mechanical m¥§¤¤¤¤s» 1iz¤¤¤s» equipment in a completed and occupied public buildings under the control of the _Treasury Department, including heatmg, hoisting, plumbing, gas p1 in , ventilatmg, vacuum cleaning, and ref erat' P S . . . ng mg ariparatus, elecatnichgngl plant? mgters, mtericg rlneuxnatic tux gnu _ mercommumcing e on s ems conui wmngc - and signal systems, and filr maintenance and repair of tower cloclm; for installation and of mechanical equipment, for any of the foregoing items, in b dings not reserved by vendors on sites under the control of the Treasury Department acquired for public buildings or the enlargements of public buildings, the expenditures on this account for the current fiscal year not to exceed ten per centum gggsga wsmd of the annual rentals of such buildings: Provided further, That of the qm¤¤cm°$cm. sum hertem appr9pr1§.4tgd0§c(n· mechlnnicaldeguipment of public buildmgs no_ exceed1ng_ , may e use or marine h `tals, d Tmasuryeuxiemgs. %uarant1ne stations, and not exceeding $10,000 for tligpilreasnixily, _ ut1er_, and Winder Buildings at Washington, District of Columbia, mcluding the old building 0 the Bureau of Engraving and Printin Pmumtictubesyg excepting the generating plant and its maintenance, and not exceecf wm. New York city. ;ng,$10,00;0 for gn mamtnnance, changes in, and repairs of ;éneumaticu e sys em ween e a raisers’ warehouse at reen 'ch Christopher, Washington, and }B’arrow Streets and the new cusitlim; house in Bovvhng Green, Borough of Manhattan, in the city of New York, including repairs to the street pavement and subsurface Mmmm on W. necessarily mci ent to or resulting from such maintenance, changes, wm,wv,m_ or repairs. Prmnded, further, That this sum shall not be available Z`? FS`.? ‘€3E§‘}..°‘“ °* ¥§1€“‘i£§10$“rY;‘£°§.€.’;?.€iZ‘§¥` `§2’£k£$Zdb.’¤g°°“§‘°°t’ FMT a one time the sum of $100 at any one building, $445,000. V°““°°’“‘ “°'°°· thVaults anln safesi Fnir valults and eaoc ginxbelgluipments and repairs ereto m comp ete an occupi u 'c dings d gh - trol of the Treasuigl Department, and) for the necessalruyi gte gqiiiggeniéisrgnd repslgrs ereto in alll plnblic buililings under the control of e asury epartment we er m ted d `d ` course of construction, exclusive of peiigonlsilaservig, egcgeliiilior (gurl; done by contract or for temporary Job labor under exigency not ex· Gmml ceeding at one time the sum of $50 at any one building, $100,000. ”°°‘“°“‘ General expenses: To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to exe- V¤\- Fs ¤· M- cute and give effect to the provisions of section six of the Act of May Addmmm, sam thirtieth, nineteen hundred and eight (Thirty-fifth Statutes, page five sciemnsg Amhiteciii hundred and thirty-seven, part one): For additional s of $1,000 ""* "· *6* for the Supervising Architect of the Treasury for the Egg? year nine-