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634 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 223. 1914. for use as a ro ert ard and the location of a sewage pump` station, respecfiveliy aiigrdplaced. under the jurisdiction of the Cliigef of Engineers of the Unite States Army and shall_be laid out as reservations as a part of the park system of the District of Columbia. For improvement, care, and maintenance of Smithsoman grounds, $3 000. {For improvement and maintenance of Judiciary Park,_$2,500. For laying cement and other walks in various reservations, $2,000. For broken-stone road covering for parks, $3,500. For curbing, coping, and for park roads and walks, $2,000. P°*°‘”° *’“'*· For care and maintenance o ¤Potomac Park, $15,000. ,,,,“,,§,‘§ Pm °‘ *"‘"‘ Potomac Park is made a part of the park system of the District of v¤,p. sw. Columbia under the exclusive charge and control of the Chief of Engineers of the United States Army, and subject to the provisions of section six of the Act a proved July first, eighteen hundred and ninety- eight (Statutes at Luge, volume thirty, page five hundred and seventy . For grading, soiling, seeding, and lanf that portion of Potomac Park west of the railroad embankmenliigand constructing roads R and paths, $35,000. ,,,,,§‘§f"Fs,2,”w,,§§ JZ No part of any moneynaippropriated in this or any other Act shall be expended for or tow the construction of any lagoon, or other artificial bod§;f water, or speedway, on any portion of Potomac ggrk in the trict of Columbia unless specifically authorized by ngress. For oilinghor otherwise treating macadam roads, $4,000. m*•*·*¤=¤*=*°•¤· Toward e construction of a permanent road around the entire river and harbor front of the portion of Potomac Park east of the railroad embankment, $25,000. For care and improvement of the portion of Potomac Park east of the railroad embankment, $10,000. For continuing the improvement of Montrose Park, and for its care and maintenance, $5,000. For placing and maintaining special portions of the parks in condition or outdoor sports, $10,000. For laying water mains for the water supply of that portion of Potomac Park east of the railroad embanlunent, $10,000._ M¤¤—“=>¤ Hm mk- Toward the construction of necessary retaining walls in Meridian Hill Park $25,000. m§_=g&e;r<>¤¤ D¤S*¤¤¤ One half of the foregoing sums under "Buildings and grounds in ' and aroimd Washington " shall be paid from the revenues of the District of Columbia and the other half from the Treasury of the _ United States. ,t,fjf‘g§,°{;’,f,n°{g,{’°‘°‘°· Under appropriations herein contained no contract shall be made for making or repairing concrete or asphalt pavements in Washington City at a igher price than $1.8?er square yard for a uality equal to the best laid in the District of olum ia prior to July gist, eighteen hundred and eighty-six, and with a base of not less than six inches in thickness. _ _ m§g‘f;{’; °' ‘*°*""" For improvement, care, and mamtenance of grounds of executive de artments, $1,000. Por such trees, shrubs, giants, fertilizers, and skilled labor for the grounds of the Library of ongress as may be requested by the super intendent of the Library Buil ing, $1,000. For such trees, shrubs, plants, fertilizers, and skilled labor for the grounds of the Capitol and the Senate and House Office Buildings, as may be requested by the Superintendent of the Capitol Building, $4,000. Ex°°"{“"° M"“’*°” For im rovement and maintenance of Executive Mansion grounds mmm (within ixgn fence) , $5,000.