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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 223. 1914. 643 courtyard of the old Post Oihce Department Building, together with a new conduit on F Street northwest with necessa manholes and sewer connections, authority being hereby granteldr to open such street for the above-mentioned purpose, $12,500. · Capitol Building: For work at Capitol and for general repairs §‘}},§@,m_ thereof, including flags for the east and west fronts of the center of »4M¢·v·492- the Capitol and for Senate and House Office Buildings; ilagstaifs, halyar s, and tackle ;_ wages of mechanics and laborers; purchase, maintenance, and driving of motor-propelled, passengepcanymg office vehicle; and not exceeding $100 for the purchase of techmca and necessary reference books and city directory, $30,000. For continuing the work of cleaning and repairing works of art in W°'k“°‘°'*· the Cagiitol, includingl relplairs to frames, under the direction of the Joint ommittee on the `brary, $*1,500. Capitol Grounds: For the care and improvement of the grormds I“‘¥"°"’“g g'°““d“· surrounding the Capitol, Senate and House Office Buildings, pay of onekglerkh mgcihanics, gardeners, fertilizers, repairs to pavements, wa , an ro ways, $30,000. Toward reconstruct' the sewe e, drainage, and water su 1 R°°*g’g”“°“¤¢ ¤°w· system within the Calriigol Groundlsljgand resurfacing the plazapsnzd mgm f _ fori? other work adjacergz thereto, $50,000. h f th t I t C t I t or reconstruct theste an a roac eso ecen ra en rance °¤ ’° °¤ "*¤°° to the Capitol Bu1ll%g, $11?(l;00. Pp _ mm m' For repairs and imtprovements steam fire-engine house, and et_§°P°**¤ *° smh- Senate and House sta les, and repairs to and paving of floors and courtyards of same, including personal $1,500; this and the P¤r¢h¤·s¤¤- three_ foregoing sums may, m the discretion 0 the Secretary of the Interior be expended for purchases of artrcles without reference to section four of Act approved June seventeenth, nineteen hundred V°‘· 3*% P·5i“· angh ten, concerning purc for executive departments. _ ReSurM¤g,Qmm_ e unexpended balance of the appropriation of $83,500,_ made m Re,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,t,.,,,_ the sundg civil aip ropriation Act approved June twenty·-third, nine- Ame P- 4*- te_en hun red an tim·te` en,_ for resu acxng the terraces of the_Ca,p1tol with waterproofing material and work and materials incident thereto, rs reappropmawddaipifrtlgézontmued available during the fiscal ear nineteen un an n. y The unexpended balance of the appropriation of $35,000 made in §'§.i§,€i3`\%€rii°€ii»°Ldi6¤ the general deficienpiy appropnatron Act approved March fourth, ;gg}¤v 8 ““d*¤¤·

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ings or o er s ruc ures upon e acqu _ _ of the Capitol Grounds, for grading, seedmg, Bild S01l1I{g, wd pwpqration of plans for permanently improving the same, is reappropnate(i1§frtigi continued available during the fiscal year nineteen undred an en. ruatro Larrns srmvror:. P¤b¤<=¤¤¤¤¤· Registers and receivers: For salaries and commissions of registers m¥}¤¤S*¤¤¤¤¤ mirogfi district land offices and receivers of public rp1o%e5yls0a(;s0g1stnct land o ces, at not exceeding' $3,000 r annum eac , , . Conf ent e nses of land o§ces: For clerk hire rent, and other °°"°“"°“"‘*’°“s°‘· incidenltgl expe@ of the district land offices, including the exchangg of typewriters, $340,000: Promkled, That thrsappropriatron shall Per msu}. available for the (payment of per diem in l1eu of subsistence, not exceeding $4 per ay, of clerks detailed to examine the books and management of district land offices and to assist m the operation of said offices, and in the oipening of new land offices and reservations, while on such duty, an for actual necessary trave nses of said clerks, including necessary slee(ping—car fares: P _ further, m§c{erj,f¤di*¤*°¤¤· That no expenses chargeable to the overnment shall be incurred by registers and receivers m the conduct of local land offices except upon