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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 223. 1914. 657 For miscellaneous expenditures, including the same objects m’°°“““°°'“- specified under this head or the United States penitentiary, Leavenworth, Kansas, $10,000. For hospital supplies, including the same objects specified under H°‘¥’“°‘S“¤P“°S· glpsoolgead or the nited States penitentiary, Leavenworth, Kansas, _ For salaries: For warden, $2,000; deputy warden, $1,200; physi- S°1°"°s' cran, $1,200; chief clerk and bookkeeper, $1,000; steward and cook, $1,000, superintendent of boats, $1,200; guards, at $70 per month each, $10,500; in all, $18,100. ° In all, for penitenti at McNeil Island, Washi.u%n, $49,100. For support of the Nitional School for ys, District of Sc§§§§°{§2‘B0,'§,f“,‘§‘{*,* Columbia: Superintendent, $2,500; assistant superintendent, $1,500; 8********- teachers and assistant teachers, $9,120; chief clerk, $1,000; storekeeper and steward, $600; matron of school, $600; parole officer $900; office clerk, $720; assistant office clerk, $480; six matrons oi familres, at $240 each; foremen of, and skilled helpers in industries, $3,800; farmer, $600; assistant farmer, $420; teaxmter, $360; florist and engineer, at $540 each; shoemaker, $540; baker, $600; tailor, $600; cook, $480· assistant e eer, $420; laundress, $360; dinmgroom attendant, boys’, $300 ;n§1i1ing-room attendant, officers’, $240; housemaid, $216; seamstress, $240; assistant cook, $300; nurse, $600; watchmen, not to exceed eight in number, $3,360; secretary and treasurer, $900; in all, $34,276. Mmmm For support of inmates, including groceries, ilour, feed, meats, dry °°’°t°‘ goods, leather, shoes, gas, fuel, hardware, furniture, tableware, arm implements, seeds, harness and repairs to same, fertilizers, books and periodicals printing, and entertainments, stationery, plumbing painting, glazing, medicines and medical attendance, stock, vehicles, fencing, repairs to buildings, and other necessary items, including compensation, not exceeding $1,500, for additional labor or services, for identifying and pursuing escaped inmates, and for rewards for their recapture, and not exceed1ng $500 for transrtation and other necessary expenses incident to securing suitable hgmes for discharged boys, $10,500. R to For extraordinary repairs to buildings, fences, and roadways, and °p°""° ‘ for urchase of equipment, $3,050; _ _ Nlew equipment: or purchase and mstallatron of a two·hundredhorsepower water-tube boiler, $3,000; In all, for National Training School for Boys, $50,826. i d On and after June thirtieth, nineteen hundred_ and fourteen, the ,,,§§,,,,°°,},°,§‘Q,_°°°‘ per capita cost of persons com1nitted_ from the District of Columbia and maintained in the National Training School for Boys shall be iixed at a rate not less than $4.50 per week for each person. UNDER THE DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE. ,,,§§f“°“‘°’“°'°°"" rierrmousns, rssacorzs, Foe. sresans, Lrerrr vnssms, Arm orimn ‘·*8"”*°"’° S°"i°°· woaxs UNDER THE menmousn smxvres. Staten Island, New York, Lighthouse Depot: To erect a c nter N?§?f°“ ‘$‘°’°‘* d°P°‘» shop at the general lighthouse depot, Tomplnnsville, Statenmlgland, New York, $23,000. _ _ Kauai Island Light Station, Hawaii: For completing the estab- w§§,§§i‘,u§§,‘?“d· H“‘ lishment of a light and fog-signal station at some point on the northerl or westerly coast of Kauai Island, Hawaii, $3,000. _ Xlaska, aids to navigation: For- the establishment of aids to §_,‘§Ss§’;‘,·n,,,g,,,,0u_ navigation and improvement of existing aids m Alrska, $60,000. For changing existing lights and providing additional lyxhts for §_“,é’,‘j,§g§§,°jg{*;a{;ces_ the aid of navigation at eastern and western entrances to e Cape Cod Canal, $50,000. 91006°—-von 38-rr 1--42