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714 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Gus. 295, 297, 301, 302. 1914. '1`**•‘••* ¤¤•• · "The clerk shall place all cases in which the defendants reside in the counties of said district nearest Erie upon the trial list for trial at Erie, where the same shall be tried, unless the parties thereto stipulate that the same may be tried at Pittsburgh? Approved, September 9, 1914. $•P“§}’:8gi 1**1*- . ?gi7.—AndA¢3b’£> aughzorize the otfh chutes in the public ._;—;._. 8 8 , , BD. 8pp!'0]Jl'l8 IIIOHQY GTB O!. [P¤b1l¤,N .m.; cb tm,. SBe it·e;ng1dedl>yt@eS5;mteandHausco;I'¥l{>r¢e of dw ’ ,,, merwam ongrees at e retaryote

?¤°¤P°l*l*° Eieasury ta?] 6l:1e1;ebythauthobr§l;edband_   todconltraggi for andbtig

vems m cpu c uildmgat ev an o,suita mail chutes, and a sum not exceeding $800 is hereby appro riated for said purpose out of any moneys m the Treasury of e lilnited States not otherwise appropriated. Approved, September 15, 1914. sqmmw1s,mi _ _ · · · - ..__·¤- ·~··· ¤..,.,,.,""""’ 1?.,°@£§f.E%'“£‘.°.3f§3.§1Z””1?.’;2*££i’.?.‘;“C,‘$;§;';?,{ ?€;"i‘.;.’%.¥,t‘i‘.fI.‘i (P¤¤l!°» N¤· 198-1 svtvruct, and operate a bridge acrom the Chippewa River at Chippewa Falls, IHSODBID.

IH:§`;,,l Be it enactedfry the Senate and House of ltepresentativee dthe United
 with €‘“§§”s‘i{y‘“”¢‘Zd"h€"$?'“ sm“”s”‘cZz§€;.¤Ti‘z2.¥1$§°°cE‘.“¤?.‘f,'LL’§,‘f.°;'hg'$

· Miuneapgthlg, Saint Paul and Sault Sainte_Marie Ryailway Company, its lessee, railroad corporations organized andexisting under the laws_of the State of Wisconsin, to construct, maintam, and operate a and approaches thereto across the Chippewa River, at a pomt suitable to the mterests of navigation, from a oint on the northerly of said river in lot four to a point on the southerly

 of ml l';V91' m loctighhree, all of won sevegb in towrahip twenty-

eng no o_ range t west in pewa unty, xsconsin in

 accordance with the provisions Bt the got entitled "An Act to re§u·

’ late the construction of bridim over navigable waters," approved ‘““°°‘*°"°”· March twenty-third,_nineteen undred and six. Sec. That this right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby express y reserv . Approved, September 18, 1914. °·¤>*j·g}·;;,}?; **1* cighsoa.-Aaacersz me pmmsoa of me water mppny or messy of sm Lake gmane, Na. me.] ` Bc it enacted_by Senate and House of Representatives agfthe United §°'}”§:,f;°*},§; wm States of America. vn; 0'ongreae aeserrgbted, That the public ands within E{p}»¤{n:{Ls•u uu the several townships and subd1v1sions thereof hereinafter enumer- ’ ated, situate in the county of Salt Lake, State of Utah, are hereby reserved from all forms of location, entry, or azpprgpriation, whether uriderltihe mmeral or nsplnmipgral larid laws of f e thnited Staltelsé and se asieasamumci we rsu reserv t of the city of Salt Lage Cité; a miligigipal co 6 gtio; tdfetliig Statliacof D“°"P"°'* Utah, as follows, to wit: e south half ofltgih south half of section nme; the south half of the southwest quarter and the southeast quarter of section ten; the south half of section eleven; section twelve; section thirteen; section fourteen; section fifteen; section sixteen; the northeast quarter and south half of section seventeen; the south