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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Crrs. 21, 22. 1915. 803 CHAP. 21.—An Act To authorize the construction of a b acres the N1aga!s` J¤¤¤¤¤'Z~’ 28r 1915- River, in the town of Lewiston, in the county of Niagara andlgtgte of New York. ls' 6121*] [Public, No. 240.] Be€temdedbyt}wSemteandHmwek<g"1?1_e£rresen!ativesof theUnited N , States of Amerika in Ocmgress assemb , at the 0ntario—NiaEra oiigiiidihiigcrr Connecting Bridge Com any, a corporation created by the ws §g_f§‘;§§;"{m Bgdggoj of the State of ew Yorgr, being chapter four hundred and twenty ¤¢L¤w¤¤¤¤.i1.Y. of the laws of nineteen hundred and ourteen, is hereby authorized to construct, maintain, and operate a bridge and necessari approaches thereto across the Niagara River at a point suitable to pu lic mterests 111 the town of Lewiston, in the county of Niagara, State of New York, south of the southern boundary of the bridge and property of the Lewiston Connecting Bridge Company, to some point in Canada, on the west bank of said river, in accordance with the C I provisions of the Act entitled "An Act to rggnlate the construction vcr. z4,p.s4Z of bridges over navigiable waters," aw March twenttly-third, ,,,0,,,0. nineteen hundred an six: Provided, t the offices of e Fine rm are Commi- Arts Commission shall be obtained in connection with the considers- §{§’,_” *° °°““°°' ""“’· tion of the plans of said brid e, and that all power cables shall be permitted to cross the said bridge under agual rates for the pri e: cmu m And prwhledjurther, That the Ontario- iagara Connecting Bri Company, or its successors or assigns, shall at its own expense e such changes and install such_ accessories as may be necessary to cross any navigation canal which the United States may construct ilptllgat vicinity, and which may interfere with the approaches of the r1 e. Sec. 2. That this Act shall become and be null and void if actual ¤,,,,°"P‘° °' °""‘“'°' construction of the bridge herein authorized be not commenced before the thirty-first dai of December, in the year nineteen hundred and nineteen, and com ted within five years thereafter. mmm Sec. 3. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby ”"‘ expressly reserved. Approved, January 28, 1915. (IHA?. 22.-An Act To amend an Act entitled "An Act to oodiiy, revise, and J{‘§'?°fZ @35* amend the laws relating to the judiciary," approved March third, nineteen hundred ——————T——-— md devel {rubric, nc. 241.; Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representat·ive.s og the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the first su division of %<}1¢¤·;{,¢`<>·¤¢· ml section one hundred and sixteen of an Act entitled "An Act to ¤ccracc.’ p` " codify, revise, and amend the laws relatirég to the judiciary," approved March third, nineteen hundred and even, is hereby amended to read as follows: _ _ _ _ ~Firct. The ern circuit shall mcludc the districts of Rhode Island, ;{·,;,*;,§*;,·;*;~,d_,,,, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and Porto Rico." Sec. 2. That sections one hundred and twenty-eight, two hundred °°‘“’”’ °‘ ‘P‘ ‘ and thirty-eight, and two hundred and forty-six of the Act aforesaid are hereby amended to read as follows: _ _ “Sec. 128. The circuit courts of appeals shall exercise appellate ’“"““°“°“· jurisdiction to review by appeal or writ of error final decisions in the ,,,K§,':,,§,°* *" “‘°· district comts, includi§s e United States district court for Hawaii and the United States trict court for Porto Rico, in all cases other w}1’ggQ,d§d*°¤ mm than those in which appeals and writs of error may be taken direct ' to the Su reme Court, as provided in section two hrmdred and thirty- §‘f,f,§j,,€;,,,“°‘,,,,,,_ eight, otherwise provided by law; and, except as provided m §:,*j°g*·;¤·m7 sections two hundred and thirty-nine and two hundred and forty, ° ' the judgments and decrees of e circuit court of appeals shall e iinal in all cases in which the jurisdiction is dependent entirely upon the opposite parties to the suit or controversy being aliens and citr-