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822 SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. CHS. 74, 75. 1915. of this Act shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon couvictiou thereof shall be punished by a fine of not less than $50 and not more than $100 or bg imprisonment for not less than one month and not more than sixty ays, or b1y_both such fine and imprisonment, in the discretion of the court, an if the offense_be continning in its character each week or part of a week dining which 1t continues shall ¤¤f¤¤=¤¤¤¤•· constitute a separate and distinct offense. And 1t shall be the duty · of the cnnsular and judiciiflsofficers of the United States in China to enforce e revisions o t act. u¤a¤1¤g¤1~c¤m¤1.¤ SEO. 12. 'Fhat the word “Consul" as used in this Act shall mean the consular officer in charge of the district concerned. _ opium tramc xc: Sec. 13. That nothing in this Act shall be construed as modifying "°$,{‘_°;’,*f‘f,‘?;,,,,_ or revoking any of the pfovisions of the Act of Congress of February. twenty-third, eighteen undred and eighty-seven, entitled "Au Act to provide for the execution of the provisions of article second of the treaty concluded between the United States of America and the Emperor of China on the seventeenth day of November eighteen hundred and eighty, and tgroclaimed by the President of the mted States the fifth day of Oc ber, eighteen hundred and eighty-one." Approved, March 3, 1915. ¥¤°”·i°‘5· QHAP. 75.-—-A A M ’ ’ to ' f th ..l¤...- ¤· me-1 Government :0. a2 ¤.ai°° ye."?2‘;.s’3?g"}°¤€.2?““° a.aa.¤.”" €.ii”$‘L'§..°i1Y.L}d‘£§°..'i.°.¥°.."...‘f [Public. No- $*-1 and for other purposes. _ Be it enacted by {be Senate and House of Representatives of the United °“"°"§,p,§’§Y,“p,§’,fZ States of Ame1-iea m Congress assembled, That the following sums are mls appropriated, out of any money_in the Treasury not otherwise ap(plrBopriated, for the fiscal year ending Jime thirtieth, mneteen hun d and sixteen, namely: mggasury Depart- TREASURY DEPARTMENT. rusue musings. rvnuc Bnmnmos, conscmvctrrou Arm srms. sas, eunmumen, Por sites, commencement, continuation, or completion of public “‘°· buildings within the respective limits of cost authorized by law, rent gngéemoval expleinses itnlnities pending extension and remodeling of u severa y as o ows: Amaemwm. Abletibizen, Washihgtonhpost officez For commencement, $1,000. iibuuy, om;. Albany, Oregon, post office: For completion, $10,000. xmas, mes. Albion, Michigannpost office: For continuation, $40,000. ximmam, ia Alexandria, Lognsiana, post office and courthouse (extension): For commencement, 40,000. nm. Alexandria, Louisiana, rent of buildings: For rent of temporary quarters for {gre accilommodation of Government officials and moving expenses inci ent thereto $4,000. meme, mm. Alliance, Nebraska, post office: For commencement, $1,000. xiuam, emo. Alliance, Ohio, post office: For completion, $20,000. xm.-m¤,·r¤. mgtgmobaiglo, Texas, post office and courthouse: For completion, aime, mm. Arioko, Minnesota, post officez For commencement, $10,000. xanga, wu. Antigo, Wisconsin, ost office: For commencement $1 000. P ! Y x»emm,oua Ard1(nore, Oklahoma, post office and courthouse: For completion, $95,00 . A'“°°lP*“°· Mk- Arkadelphia, Arkansas, post office: For completion, $55,000.

  • '*“‘““"“Y·K°¤$· Arkansas City, Kansas, post office: For completion, $35,000.

·“‘“°‘“’»KY· Ashland, Kentugar, post office: For commencement, $30,000. -*“‘°°°’°· ***5- Attleboro, Mass usetts, post office: For commencement, $30,000.