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SIXTY~THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 75. 1915. 827 New Orleans, Louisiana, post office and courthouse: For mail- m};g•§*°¤i°°¤¤d¤°¤f¤· handling devices, $25 000. ' _ Newport, Rhode Island, post office and customhouse: For con- N°wP°**·B-L tmuation, $150,000. Newport, Rhode Island, rent of buildings: For rent of temporary Bmquarters for the accommodation of Government officials and moving exppnses incident thereto, $12,000. ew Rochelle, New York, post office: For completion, $15,000. N¤wR¤¢¤¤¤¤·N-Y- Ngggh Attleboro, Massachusetts, post officez For completion, Mggrth Attleboro. $50 . ' Norton, Virginia, post office: For completion, $25,000. N<¤*>¤¤.V¤- Oakland, Califorma, post office and customhouse: For site, in 0ak1and,C¤I. accordance with value ascertained in condemnation proceedings, $51,750. ' Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, post office and courthouse (extension); Oggiaatms city, For commencement, $111,000. Opelika, Alabama, post office: For continuation, $40,000. 01¤=1ik¤ Orange New Jersey, post office: For completion, $20,000. Orange, N. J. Osage Cit , Kansas, post omce: For completion, $12,000. 0¤E¤Gl¢¥»K¤·¤s. Palatka, Rlorida, post office: For continuation, $18,000. P¤1¤¢k¤.F1¤- Pendleton, Oregon, post officez For completion, $73,000. Peumsmaomg. Pensacola, Florida, post office and courthouse (extension): For Pemawmm com etion, $30 000. Pgtsburgh, Pennsylvania, laboratories, Bureau of Mines: For Mgggggél Pecomlpletion, $350,000. _ _ P amiield, New Jersey, post office: For completion, $80,000. P'¤¤¤¤'d· N-7- Port Huron, Michigan, post office: For loo out galley, including Pm H“*°¤·¥*°l*· the incidental rem eling of the first Hoor by the a dition of a. storage room and toilet room, $3,500. Port Jervis New York, post office: For completion, $10,000. *’°"° ’°"*¤· N·Y- Portland, Iindiana, post office: For completion, $18,000. P°'“°“d·I”d· Portland, Oregon, post office: For continuation, $50,000: Provided, §',$;”,{§§d· 9**5- That the Secretary of the Treasury may, in his discretion, eliminate Chmgé mamma. the installation of vacuum cleaning and air washing machinery, intercommunicating telephones and clock systems, and so fort , as set forth in section six of the public-buildings Act approved March "'°L 3"·¤·8"°· fourth, nineteen hundred and t irteen, but t at the building shall, within the limit of cost as fixed, namely, $1,000,000, be completed with all the necessary and usual mechanical equipment and mailconveying machinery, tggether with any other labor·saving devices, as the Secretary of the reasury may deem necessar_;_ and desirable. Poughkeepsie, New York, post office (extension): or completion, *’°¤8’*°°P=*°· N·Y· $40,000. Poughkeepsie, New York, rent of buildings: For rent of temporary R°°°‘ quarters for the accommodation of Government officials and moving expenses incident thereto, $10,000. _ P _ ml rinceton, Illinois, post omcez For completion, $50,000. umS"°°"°°Yj Pulaski, Virginia, post office: For commencement, $1,000. P t k" cj Putnam, Connecticut, post office: For continuation, $10,000. 4 P°_;“°m’ °°‘ Quitman, Georgia, post office: For continuation, $20,000. qw 'Y'“°’ °°' Reading, Pennsylvania, post office (extension): For completion, P‘°°d“"’P°‘ $40,000. Reading, Pennsylvania, rent of buildings: Additional for rent of Rm"' temporary quarters for the accommodation of. Government oiisicxals and moving expenses incident thereto, $5,000. Redfield, South Dakota, post office: For commencement, $1,000. Rf"m°m»S·D·°k· Ridgway, Pennsylvania, &ost office: For commencement, $25,000. R“’€"’“Y·P°- Robinson, Illinois, post 0 ce: For completion, $45,000. “°b““°“#m· Rockville, Connecticut, post officez For commencement, $1,000. R°°‘“m°» C°°°- Rocky Mount, North Carolina, post office: For completion, $30,000. P~°°k>' “°'m‘· N-0-