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836 SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Ch. 75. 1915.

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t 0 e ni an 0 orei governmen ,an o er ileaonietzioelgismmitted ainst the laws of thegllnited States relating to the pa and bountyylaws, hire and 0 ration of motor-propelle or ru asm mum- horse-<h-awn passenger-carryiplg vehiclgs when necessary, per diem °°$°‘,,,,,,_w_ lieu of subsistence, when opted pursuarét go secitigsthirteepcgaf ` ' tio t a ve ugus , mne n hu(i1¢lrue:dd1a‘Jincl:?;>1ur£t:is’gir:)IsiIn1¢l. fo1I}nocothe1l?1p)urpose whatever, except in y,2’§‘§"" "°”°“ °' the protection of the rson of the President and of the person chosen emot. to be President of tli: United States, $145,000: Promded, That no W‘°“"°" part of gI!101l:D.l;»U’l)B usiedstin defraying thetxnses ¢g1ej1y{x§erson bpm t 'te tes courts to a an ’ ore a llxmtedugntateg coiirt li; preliiiiinary examination befcire any United 1··»z,p.¤s1. States commisI'sioner% which exp%1sest63h§ll be pagtgrom the appropriation for ‘f eeso witnesses m tates co .’

 A%‘€{§E%$“Z°“ ..'L‘.§"Z;‘? .‘i.°°$i.‘.1l£¤“3E£’.§.?iS2‘} 1£?.?‘;;.°3°r$I¤&’°ti1°;

ggcuset of the Treasury Department, or who may at any time d the fiscal year nineteen hundred and sixteen have been employed y or under said Secret Service Division. uma., ew. Lands and other property of the United States: For custody, care, tection, and expenses o sales of lands and other property of the ,,§•*"°"""‘°*"°°· States, acquired and held under sections thu·ty-seven hundred and forty-nine and thirty-seven hundred and fifty o the Reyised Statutes, the examination 0 titles, of deeds, advertising, and auctionee1·’s fees in connection therewith, $300. · °°¤°°'¤¤**°"*°°· cusmms smnvrom. c¤u¤m;m•¤¤·. For collectini the revenue from customs, $10,150,000. The prommm or xmas visions of the ct of March third, eighteen hundred and seyenty·· "‘°‘v,,_”“°d,,;P_3,s, v,,_ mne (Twentieth Statutes, page three hundred_ and eighty-six), as 3% -3% amended by the Act of April twenty-seventh, nineteen undred and Ig"' °`m5` four (Thirty-third Statutes p three hundred and ninety-six) authorizing the Secretary of the¤T:easury to expend out of the argc; priatnon for defraying the expenses of collecting the revenue m customs such amount as he may deem necessary, not exceeding $150,000 per annum, for the detection and prevention of frauds upon the customs revenue, are further amended so as to increase the amount to :200,000 to be so expended for the fiscal year nineteen htmdred an sixteen.

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’°§i·‘¤»»·_,·;;_·»~¤·¤. as ‘i‘§}.‘°?"a°"a.. £§c“§i”§2.‘f ”Z§d°é’r¥eE..°F.1i“%Z ’"" "‘ necsssag expenses and salaries of the customs service at the Panama- Eapliiic terppltgronpl Exggtion, to be expenggd uxéderatéie diiglctign o eSecre ote as ,iscontmu anmeav' A mmm mm for the fiscal year nineteen himuged and sixteen. a 0 vile or emacs. for customs service: The unexpended balances of the appro- ·**·*¢·P·°**- priations heretofore made for construction and installation of special automatic and recording scales for weighing merchandise, and so forth,_m connection with imports at the various ports of entry under direetion of the Secretary o the Treas1u·y, are continued and made avgilable for expenditure during the fiscal year nineteen hundred an sixteen. ,,,‘{,‘},,"T,,,g,"¥,,;'_‘**’“"‘“’“ Qompensation in lieu of moieties: For compensation in lieu of moieties in certain cases under the customs revenue laws, $30,000. u>5°b“° Hmm B"' PUBLIC mum smnvrcn. P"*°*°*°°°“ For apay, allowance, and commutation of quarters for commissioned medic officers and pharmacists, $695,000;