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68 SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3. 1913. mm trsmm. thlleaves of absgiche; go enable the Printer tpl comply; wrtglth thrrty s' annu eave 0 e mf iL’§Z.‘§‘3?“s% c0$6Is'§¤§§?“a‘£?s¤,.icss,’§32t,tt0. bmrgmtue pr-mus; mr Igor the public for the_pu lic binding, and for_pa_per for

 "“‘°““‘· f£i.."&?§’h° 5*2% min;. 2?“&‘$€;gT"駧“£l.“%i%¤°°“¤° °Z%‘C.i““1‘€*¤%0*$2r°

an ef *00 001·¤;0.$;0*0000· 0a20000·;·0.r 0e0000.;00s:0;:0.0i*; 020000 0* ngrem, emo urt 0 e mte a e _ upreme Court of the of Columbia, the Court of Claims,] the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Institution, the Interstate Commerce Commission the International Bureau of American Republics, the °”*°°°"°“”“· Executive Gflice, and the departments; for salaries, compensation, or wsges, of all necessary emp o ees additional to those herein spe- 01£¢·_ 3;-nrgpmpnated for, incluebng the compensation of the foreman of bm , an theforeman of prrntmg; rents, fuel, gies, electric current, gas and_ electric iixtmes, and ice; bicycles, orses, wagons, harness, electrical vehicles, and the care, driving, and subsistence of gre same,_to be used only for official purposes, including the diurase maintenance and driving of horses and vehicles or 0 cial use of the 0$cers of the Government Office when in ordered by the Public Printer; freight, expressage, telegraph an telephone seryrce; furmture, tytpewriters, and carpets; traveli§ expenses, stationery, postage, an advertising; directories, techni books, and books of reference, not 500; adding and numbenngmachrneatrmestamps, and other _ esofsimilarcharacter; machinery (not exoeeding $100,000); eqauipment, and for repairs to machinery, implements, and buildings, for mmor alterations to buildings; necessary eglurpment, maintenance, and supplies for the emergencggiroom for e use of all emlplloyees in the Government Printing ce who may be taken sudde y_1l1 or receive injury while m1f¤¤¤¤¤¤•·>¤¤ ¤¤¤=· pz1; ;tlp;hIe$)r mconux§¢;nt aj1ldt1g.11scellaneousitems_author(i r; an or e necessary equiupmselng. in the prosecution and delivery and gdiling of atlie wor , · 'P¤¤¤· In’all,,for public and binding, including salaries of office force, payments for holidays and leaves of absence, and the lastnamed sum, $5,160,200; and from the said sum printing and binding shall iione bg;] the Public Printer to the amounts following, reslpec ive y, nam dy: _ A¤¤¢·¤¤¤¤ or rmtnng an bmding for Co cl ‘ {gh · 0~·¤··— me scite., a,75t,w0. as pnnpgtIingeSs,a1rIidu 6f<ii·%$1d1nggress8 char(g§able to this appropriation, when recommended to be done by the mmrttee on Prmting of either House, shall be so recommended m a report conta1ning an approximate estimate of the cost thereof, together with a statement rom the Public Printer of estimated approximate cost_ of work previously ordered by Congress, within the stmt s. ““`i~‘€3'€§§ éiitihtf? £1£i2.Z?.€”$‘§2'tE§3” ‘° “‘“"°‘ _ For the Treasu1yPDepartnient, ,8340,000, army insures mu- For the WW D¤P¤1'¥imBI1@, $190 000: Promkled, That the sum of

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pn lrcatron, from time to time, of bulletins re ered under the direction of the Su n General of the Arm ip 5; ' _ rgeo e y, or e instruction of m%drca1t§Hic§rs, wign approved by the Secretary of War. or e a epartment $153,000 cl ‘ $r0.000.§z0t;’2z?tt0;B00.0;z0:00%0 00 0000* 00i0d0§ii01ii°¤iii$i& cm _ _ , XCHSIV yrnprm b' ‘ ‘ H,,*,‘§¥,‘;",,,,_ *"°°"”°‘ ot’N£§atg‘ou£15a)r;;iditi$ hundred bcsdgigl ofmtlrlggdlniggilddd