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SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 75. 1915. 877 tion of buildings and ponds, and for equipment, to be immediately available, $10,000. Smtm Wyo Fislrhatchery, Saratoga, Wyoming: For addition to the Saratoga Addiuvritcstéticm Wyoming, fisheries station, including construction of building? and ponds, improvement to water supply, and for equipment, to e immediately available, $18,000. Sm, dm .b i Distribution cars: For purchase or construction of one steel car ai. n °°°” fégr theo distribution of use ul food fishes, to be immediately available, 0,0 . Fur·seal islands, Alaska, cold-storage plant: For urchase and A1(¤igii»`ii°°°° plum installation of a cold·storage plant on the Pribilof lisilands, to be immediately available, $3,000. Bam me W h Fish hatchery, Baker Lake, Washington: For the reconstruction rzecmisuhailinlg of the hatchery building and barn recently destroyed by fire, to be °““‘““**· immediately available, $4,500. · Buroauof Stand . BUREAU OF s*rAm>AB.Ds. ms Tas Testin§ of large scales: For investigation and testing of railroad dump mm track sc es, elevator scales, and other scales used in weighing commodities for interstate shipments and to secure equipment and assistance for testing the scales used by the Government m its transactions with the public, such as post office, navj{)yard, and customhouse scales, inc uding personal services in the istrict of Columbia and in the field $40,000. Chommmbmwy Chemical laboratory: Toward the construction of the Hreproof 4»u,p.acs. ` chemical laboratory, to cost not exceeding $200,000 under a contract authorized by the act of August first, nineteen hundred and foiuteen, $50,000. nnraarirmur or muon. »¤'3°’“'*”°“‘ °‘ L°’ mmonarrox smzvrcrz. I”"'“"““°“°'“°°· For enforcement of the laws regulating immigislation of aliens into 1aii¤£`é° i5¤ig`$E the United States, including the contract-labor ws; cost of the re— “‘°“" ‘ ports of decisions of the Federal courts, and digests thereof, for the use of the Commissioner General of Immigration; salaries and excuses of all officers, clerks, and employees appointed to enforce said For mm mmm liiws, including per diem in lieu of subsistence when allowed pursuant em to section thirteen of the sundry civil appropriation Act approved G{,‘,{'g,}f·,f"f",§;,,,_ August first nineteen hundred and fourteen; enforcement of the V¤¤·36»v-263- provisions of the Act of February twentieth, nineteen hundred and seven, entitled "An Act to regulate the immigration of aliens into the United States/’ and Acts amendatoquthereof; necessary supplies, P·»¤¢» v~ 1047- including exchange of typewriting mac es, alterations, and repairs, and for all other expenses authorized by said act; preventing the C¤i¤°¤° °¤°*¤8*¤¤- unlawful ent of Chinese into the United States, by the appointment of suitable olgcers to enforce the laws in relation thereto; expenses of returning to China all Chinese persons found to be unlawfully in the United States, including the cost of implrisonment and actual expense of conveyance of Chinese persons to the frontier or seaboard naanmgnm aix. for deportation; refunding of head tax upon (presentation of evidence showing conclusively that collection was ma e through error of Government officers; and including not exceeding $2,000 for operation, maintenance, and repair of motor pro elled passenglepcarrying vehicles; all to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of Labor, $2,450,000. . Maurice Burman To pay Maurice Burman and Harry Kyman for information that and gan-,—,K?»¤m,_ led to the collection of $2,000 in penalties from J. Mandleberg and m°"“°” °°· Company (Limited), of New York, New York, for importing aliens under contract, in violation of the immigration laws, $500 each, $1,000.