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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3. 1913. 71 $626 each; messenger boys-eleven at $500 each, eleven at $375 each; for labor necessary to handle the current periodicals, $16,000; in all, $68,511. ger equipment, niaterials, ann} siippliw, $15,0Hgh d §;;i:’m°¤*·°*°· · or necessary en argement 0 the eating, ' , an wer ging g},°”§' plant of the Government Printing Office to a capactiliiyg sufHcidii)t to ii¤k:ii»¤ig¤ tieuildinil W eat light, and furnish Cpower for the new post office building in Washington, District of olumbia, including the cost of construction of necmsaig tunnels, conduits, and for each and every other purpose necessary ereunder, $120,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary. THE PANAMA CANAL. P¤¤¤¤¤·¤¤¤·¤ To continue the construction of the Panama Canal, to be expended $,‘§{S§‘§“’,’j;_ under the direction of the President, in accordance with an Act V¤l:37;D;560· entitled "An Act to provide for the construction of a canal connecting the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceaus," approved June twenty-eighth, nineteen hundred and two, and Acts amendatory thereof or supplementaié thereto: First. For s `es of officers and emgoyees of the Isthmian Canal Commission, including assistant purc asing and shipping agents, sum. and all other employees in the United States, $153,393; Second. For incidental expenses, including rents, cable and tele- mIg‘j,°;*&°g‘“°;_P¤* graph service, supplies, stationery and printing, and actual necessary traveling epqenses in the United States (including rent of the Panama Cana b ding in the District of Columbia, $7,500, textbooks md books of reference, $1,000, and additional compensation to the Auditor for the War Department for extra services in auditing accounts of the Panama Canal, $1,000), $63,000; Third. For pay of members of the commission and omcers and d°€¤¤€gg§¢t;¤¤. ¤¤—. employees on the Isthmus, other than skilled and unskilled labor, Sirmmisnim no inc uding civil engineers, superintendents, instrumentmen, transit- §§,§f°Y°°“°“‘**°I""‘ men, levelmen, rodmen, draftsmen, timekeepers, mechanical and electrical engineers, quartermasters, clerks, accountants, stenographers, storekeepers, messengers, office boys, foremen and subforemen, wagon masters, watchmen, and stewards, including those temporarily detailedfordutyawayfromthelsthmus, in thedepartmentsofconstruction and engineering, quartermaster’s, submtence, disbursements and examination of accounts, and for those employed in connection with the preservation of plans, drawings, and other records, $2,725,000: Provided, That not more than $5,000 of this appropriation shall be gyfpgmm paid as com ensation to the secretary of the commission; Y ` Fourth. I£>r skilled and unskilled abor on the Isthmus, including L*>¤°*· engineers, conductors, firemen, brakemen, electricians, teamsters, cranesmen, machinists, blaclmmiths, and other artisans, and their helpers;ijanitors, sailors, cooks, waiters, and dairymen, for the departments o construction and engineering, quartermaster’s, subsistence, disbursements and examination of accounts, $6,125,000;

 For the purchase and delivery of material, supplies, and   °! me

equipment, including cost of inspecting material and of paying traveling expenses incident thereto, whether on the Isthmus or elsewhere, and such other expenses not in the United States as the commission deems necessary to best promote the construction of the Panama Ummm, { t Canal, mcludlngsthe construction in the United States in Government comm. mu ° W or private yar , in accordance with plans and specifications to be prepared by the Navy Department, and to have a cargo capnacity of twe ve thousand tons of coal and a speed of at least fourteen ots per hour, two colhers to cost not exeeedmg1$1,000,000 each, and including PB d the payment of damages caused to the owners of private lands, or p,ivI¤i§i·°§“¥“’5‘? °° private property of any kind, by reason of the grants contained in the "°L ·P· W