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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Ch. 80. 1915. 907 For ordinary re airs, a , o lllllgl ditches and other maintenance of Cond1iitll{oad,§l`5,lllli)? PG , For emergency} fund, to be used only in case of a serious break Em*”¥°¤°Y md-

 1mme 'ate repair in one of the important aqueduct or

filtration plant structures, such as a dam, conduit, timnel, bridge, building, or important piece of machinery, the unex ended balance of the appropriation for the fiscal lyear nineteen hundred and fifteen is reapgropnated and made avai able for the fiscal year nineteen §?:£P”P5;*{**°¤· hundre and sixteen; all expenditures from this appropriation shall ’p` ` be reported in detail to Congress. For continuation of parking grounds around McMillan Park mmun P‘”k‘ Reservoir, $3,000. For continuigg the of such portions of unlined sections of the Rams me tunnels of the ashington Aqueduct as may be necessary to prevent disintegration and fall of rock, $10,000. Rock cirnnx PARK. "°°" °'°°" "“"‘ For care and improvement of Rock Creek Park, and of the Piney Cm'm` Branch Parkway, exclusive of building for superintendent’s residence, but including not exceeding $750 repairs to the foreman’s quarters necessary for the preservation thereof, to be expended under the direction of the board of control of said park in the manner now rovided by law for other expenditures of the District of Columlnia, $18,000. PUBLIC scnoors. Pub"; =·=*·····'* Orrrcnns: Superintendent, $6,000; two assistant supingentendents, B‘L‘§§§‘ at $3,000 each; director of intermediate instruction then supervising principals, supervisor of manual training, and director of primary instruction, sixteen in all, at a minimum salary of $2,200 each; secretary, $2,000; clerks—one $1,400 three at $1,000 each, one to carry out the provisions of the child-labor law, $900; two stenographers, at $840 each; messenger, $720; in all, $56,900. Am dum Q ATTENTANCE orrrcnns: Attendance officers—one $900, two at $600 " ° °°“ each; in all, $2,100. T h TEACHERSI For one thousand seven hundred and ninety-eight » °°° °”’ taechers at minimum salarim as follows: ri-mcapns of ummm, ugh, and menus-mming high Samoa, nine *’**¤°*P*·*=*- at $2,000 each; Directors of music, drawing, physical culture, domestic science, D"°°°°"‘°°°‘ domestic art, and kindergartens, six at $1,500 each; Assistant director of primary instruction, $1,400; Assistant directors 0 music, drawing, physical culture, domestic science, domestic art, and kindergartens, six at $1,300 each; ,1, mm Heads of departments in high and manual-traming high schools in group B of class six, twelve at $1,900 each; Normal, high, and manual-training high schools, promoted for superior work cup B of class six, fourteen at $1,900 each; Group A of? grass six, including three principals of grade manualtraining schools, two hundred and ninety-two at $1,000 each; Class five, one hundred and eighteen at $950 each; Class four, four hundred and tiirty-Eve at $800 each; Class three, four hundred and eighty-nine at $650 each; Class two, three hundred and forty-one at $600 each; Class one, seventy-four at $500 each; Special beginning teacher in the normal school, $900; In all for teachers, $1,398,050. Librarians and Librarians and clerks at minimum salaries as follows: cans. Librarian in class four———one $800; librarians and clerks-;twelve in class three at $650 each, five in class two at $600 each, eight in class one at $500 each; in all, $15,600. r