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948 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 83. 1915. ¤¤¤*¤¤°¤¤¤°•· MAINTEIVANCE AND m1rAms, NAVAL ACADEMY! For eneral maintenance and repairs at the Naval Academy, namely; §`or necessag refpairs of public biuldmgs, wharves, and walls mclosing the groun 0 the Naval Academy, improvements, repairs, and fixtures ; for books, periodicalggomaps, models, drawings iliplurchase arid repag of fire e es; a aratus an ants; mac e ; urc ase an main- Pmmorvomm tgiillahee of all hldrses veliiicles for_use atrtiheliicademy, including the maintenanc1e{ci>perat§>n, anil rxlpaiir of greg horse—drawn cpgssené er-c ve esto euse oyoro ci p1u·poses;se an giants; tools and repairs of the same; stationery; furniture for Govermnent buildings and offices at the academy; coal and other fuel; candles, oil, and gas; attendance on light and power plants; cleaning and clearing up station and care of uildings; attendance on fires, lights, fire engmes, fire apparatus, and Ipgants, and telephone, telegraph, antgll click systtglems; incigirgsal lg f r;_adve1ht1s1ng, Evatentax, t , ep ones ams, , an e e; an awmngs;

 boxes; fuel fogglzleating and   i>and;§den’s quarterzi

P·i,:.,,* memafwihtaisminaaslze m$1::L,*zt7*:§::°mc ms en ; an or y o e y es o , . R°'*· Rent of buildings for th}; use of the academy, and, commutation of rent for baudsmen, at $8 per month each, $4,116. In all, Naval Academy, $498,650. W¤*¤¤ °°*P¤· ummm oomrs. iis--sur (silt}; i£*‘2i2“,”,cm°Q‘ZSisf°i¤*é?’ "“d;‘i}£§‘?0‘i°°.§’S‘f§$?.§.i£,mb’ L`; °" I {www. d M tive, $980399.50: Provided, increased compensation as ng ..,§,‘§{§?’° my Hxed by law for the Marme Corps for foreign shore service shall here- V°‘- **-1*-***- after be paid to the officers an enlisted men of that co s while on sea duty, in the same manner and under the same conldigtions as is preilvidpd byéi the Ac? gpplrroved May thirteenth, nineteen hundred and eiv t, oro ceiso the avy. mum us:. °For pay of officers p)resc.ribed by law, on the retired list: For three major generals, four rigadier generals, six colonels, five lieutenant colonels ten majors, nineteen captains, twelve first lieutenants, four second lieutenants, and one paylmastefs clerk, and for officers who may be placed thereon during the year, including such increased pay as IS now or may hereafter be provided for retired officers regularly assigned to active duty, $189,702.50. mused men. Pay of enlisted men, active list: Pa of noncommissioned officers, ‘°*"°"’*‘ musicians, and privates, as prescribed by law, and the number of enlisted men shall be exclusive of those undergoing imprisonment with sentence of dishonorable discharge from the service at the expiration of such confinement, and for the expenses of clerks of the United States Marine Corps traveling under orders, and including iiilrlditiprilzluccgmpemadon for enlisted men of the Marine Corps reay e asgnm tains, `ters,messse eantscoo messmen, signalmen, g:phold.inE%0§0··c1:nduct medalsfgpins, br bars, including mterest on deposits y enlisted men, t—exchange debts of deserters, under such rules as the Secretary ofpilie Navy may prescribe, and the authorized travel allowance of discharged enlisted men and for prizes for excellence in gunnery exercise and target Qymormgwnm practice, both afloat and ashore: Provided, That the number of mmxpms. gmmery sergeants heretofore authorized is increased by twenty; that the number of sergpants heretofore authorized is increased by _ twenty; that the num er of corporals heretofore authorized is

  • ""¤*°$**°¤*¤¤*¢ increased by seventy· and that the number oflpxrivatas heretofore

enlisted augherized is dciacsiased by one hunctirceld ten. f u1;l1,:?i2,932,764.(.;'5. mm, or ay an owances prescn aw o e te men on the retiredqbt: For six sergeants major, zine drum major, twenty-six