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80 SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 4. 1913. page expenees i¤ or 'tness fees and otherl expenses incurred in suits instituted ilnlguhmmm dm. inllehalllf of or against Indianggrhlvolving the puestion of title to lands allotted to them, or the right of powemron 0 personal property held by them, and in he ° set by United States local land officers to determine the rights of Indians to public lands,_ $2,000: Promdedf §{,":,"2,_;,,,,,,, That no part of this appropriation s all be used in the payment 0 attorne ees. _ _ _ °“"‘““ °°"““’“‘°“ For eyxpenses of the Board of Indian Commissioners, $4,000, m- cluding not to exceed $300 for office rent. _ _ - "‘“““"°‘“’°· For payment of Indian jiplice including chiefs of police at not to exceed $50 per month enc and privates at not to exceed $30 per month each, to be employed in maintaining order, and for the purchase of equipments and rations for pohcemen at nonration agencies, 200 000. reap., Indian S Fdr eomgsation of judges of Indian courts where tribal relations °° now exist ,000. _ cmunsmeurmws- For pa, of special aégents at $2,000 per annum; for traveling and incidental, expenses 0 such special agents, mcluding sleeping-car fare, and a r diem of $3 in eu of subsistence when actually employed on diilzy in the field or ordered to the seat of government; or tmmzportatron and incidental uses of officers and clerks of the Office 0 Indian Affairs when mm on official duty; for pay of employees not otherwise provided for; and for other necessary expenses of the Indian service for which_no other_ appropriation is available, $105,000; $20,000 to_be avarla e. _ .,§,'§"*’**¢"°*"°‘ For the purpose of determimng the hens o deceased Indian allot- V¤L36. r· 856- tees, ursuant to the Act of June twenty-fifth, nineteen hundred and P‘”" "‘m ten ·—sixth Statutes at Large, pages eight hundred and fifty- _ five to eight hundred and sixty-six), an _ the regulations thereunder E*;',,2j*g,,,0m,,,,,,_ prescribe by the Secretary of the Interior, $50,000: Provided That M. ¤¤ ¤•¤¤<1¤¤¢- _ ereafter upon the determmation of the heirs of a deceased Indian by the Secretary of the Interior there shall be paid by such heirs or from the estate of such deceased Indian or deducted from the proceeds from the sale of the land of the deceased allottee or from any trust funds belonging to the estate of the decedent, the sum of $15, to cover the cost o determining the heirs to the estate of the said deceased allottee which amount shall be accounted for and paid into the Treasury of ”·°F°"· the United States and a report made annual] to Congress by the Secretary of the Interior on or before the first hfonday in December of all moneys collected and deposited as herein directed. °°***•°’°'**P‘°Y°°'· That superintendents and acting superintendents in charge of Indian reservations, schools, urigation and allotment projects are hereby authorized and empowered to administer the oath of office Mmmm: mm rmiuireglhof employer? placed under gheir jurisdictiog. In ‘ or e purpose 0 encour in ust amon the dians and &hill1mry mq to aid them in the culture of f1:11gl;I§grains,r:lTnd other crops, $100,000, or so much thereof as Iggy be necessary, to be immediately available, which sum may be u for the purchase of animals, machinery, mm tools, implements, and other equipment necessary to enable Indians B,,,,,,°,;’;m_ to become self·support1ng: Promded, That said sum shall be expgnded under conditions to be prescribed by the Secretary of the terror for its repayment to the United States on or before June thirtreth, nmeteen hundred and twenty-five, and all re ayments to Hm mum this fund made on or before June thirtieth, nineteen liundred and vi twenty-four, are hereby reappropriated for the same purpose as the 1******* °*=P¤¤¤¤¤¤· origrnal fund, and the entire fund, including such repa ents, shall remain available until June thirtieth nineteen hundredyailiid twent · four, and all repayments to the fnmd hereby created which shall life made subsequent to June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and twentvfour. shall be covered into the Treasury and shall not be withdrawn