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1336 SIXTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Cns. 239, 243, 251. 1916. pam r 0 ite the arcel or arcels of land respeclyizgllyflthat iss grlaldganurlibgied one lh J. H. C)arter,_tract numbered two in G. W. S ncer, tract numbered three in Anme B. Robertson, tract numberedxiour in Robert C. Born, tracts numbered fiye and eight in C. L. Davis, tracts riumbeéedgéx spd seivgn $7 J Vliillipmsé t t b d ` W`liam ra oc an , . rce rac nr\i·ii>1b<?1l¢iI¢l1te3l·16inI`l?1Y`§11l3]iii.nm Ciaddock, trict n&1mbeired_el$ve[n %%h.lOI1Z0 Dunham and One Durham, tract num ere twe ve m . : 1 ams, tra t b red &irteen in C. L. Davis and A. E. MCAllSbBl‘ tract nuriibdliglclfdimeen in Samuel Bedwell, tract numbered fifteen in John Pace, tracts numbered twenty-one, twenty-two, and twently-three m Josépih Davis. All lands herein mentgone are situatpd m t ia pounty of h d, State of Arkansas an are comprise in an orm a part oiglolsatwo of the northehastgqgpger of gil? northeast quatrter of ti twen -seven towns p o en no range six eas conll:.i>nii,iI,¢; eleveiiyand thirty-eight one-hundredthslacres. _ , nm city mr. Sec. 2. That the Secretary of the Interior IS hereby authorized and P"""‘°l°""· directed to issue a atent to the incorporated town of Lake City, in Cra' head Coimt , grkansas, to all that part of lot two of the northlg . elsilst guarter of tgphnortheast quarter oliliseilctgon L§_entyi)seven:1tp0w‘;1I; s ourteen no rangesixeas w c ere ore ysai had) been dedicated to the public usd for the purpose of public streets and alle . cmnuun. Sec. 3¥BThat no patent shall issue to either of the parties mentioned in section one of this Act imtil it shall be made to appear to the satisfaction of the Secretary of the Interior that there is no adverse claimant to thagdpalruti of said lands for which said patent is to issue, Approv , y 8, 1916. grilyriliigdg CHAP. 243.-An Act For the relief of William Foglio. [mmm NO` ml] Be it enacted by the Senate and House ofR1e£resentative.s· of the United K¤g¤¤¤tF·>%1¤<>- States of America in Congress assembled at the Secretary of the " "“ °“ °°‘ Interior be, and hg is hereby, authorized to issupupatentdto Wdliam Foglio for the sout west quarter section twenty-t ee an the northwest quarter section twenty-six, township twenty-nihe north, range gay?. thirty east, Montana: Provided, That no adverse right had accrued '°“‘ to said tract prior to January first, mneteen hundre and fifteen. Approved, July 11, 1916. fT§ly1i.7i:l·iiliil'] 251--An Granting and increase of pensions to certain soldiers

 Eng slzggg gi gipdqivgpl War and certain widows and dependent children of soldiers

I1 . Be it enacted Z; the Senate and House of Re resentatives of the

  • ’•>¤$**>¤*· United States 0 merica in O ress ass led That the Secretary

. . Mlg . > . of tx Interior ehandllie IS hereby, authorized agdl directed to plage on e pension ro , su gect to the provisions an imitations o the ` l §’;gg°*g ¥gm=§j°‘·‘· p?}I1`ligIhailnweS§James C. Baker, late of Company G, Sixth Regiment Missouri State Militia Cavalry, and pay him a pension at the rate of $30 per month in lieu of that he is now receiving. mans smver. R The nsznge gi Joshua? Shriver, late of Company E, Seventy-fourth thegimen n ana Vo unteer Infantry, and pay him a_pension at e rate of $40 per month in lieu of t at he IS now receiving. um-my Myers. The name of Murray Myers, late of Company C, Forty-fourth Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry, and pay him a pension at the rate of $50 per month in hen of that he is now receiving.