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1384 SIXTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. SESS_ [_ (]H_ 358. 1g16_ Howard G. Cleave- Th f H d _ me e.g..;;;:m;;Wcz1m teer e2:.t$3.:s;;s admit hJm_a_pension at the rate of $17 per month in lieu of that, he is dh; Pm,m_ receiving. Willlam C. Johnson. Tbg name Of C. John lat f C0 Regiment Ohio Volunteer InIant1·?nVVa.rcwi)th S;1al)nmZng, Emitlg www L Am a gntnsion at th? nnte of $12 per month. · , P y www- o name o illard L. Anth I t f Co ‘ Regiment United States Infantry(:nVVarav;}itl)i Spa?np&2gdMQ Fgllgth }>:]§ag} penion at the rage of $12 per month. I P Y 5 ‘ _ e name of ohn Blueford, 1 t f T B N' ‘ United States Cavalry, Regular Eztgblishniggi; mid l;1;hhil3§g)'1;n)g§t rename. $10*1 MG tho rate of $1 er month in lieu of that he is now 1- c ' Floyd {Patterson. The mmm of F10 d rl? P - 6 Guim · _ _ g . atterson, late of Batteries H and M Sixt Regiment United tates Artillery, War with Spain and pg,y,him 8 um ¤°_wsm__ penT§on at the naltgga of gg Kiigmonth. I $*******160 ry <>`ter,d dt th { · Mcmtcrwgete or ¤<>mp;my D. Fi»¤€%$a§“3.t?£¤‘l£¥2?.f$i6Ze Pm in ;;)‘;_”I·':1fg’£h M with Spam, and psy her a pension at the rate or $12 Qu] • ¥<>¤¤ W- I·¤¢¤¤=<>r¤· The name of John W. Lett' lat f Com ‘ · ment United states mm , lirygrmwhtt ggiill ,,,,I§";§ Cljdglmth Rewat the rate of $30 er monlth li ' y · qpcnsmu mm W_ Bum Th P m eu of that he xs now receiving. U _ e ngme of John W. Bruce, late of Qompmy K, Second Regiment am. a‘L‘Zi‘l.. §?*£S2I"*?“¤l‘.'Mv;3’t’§¥fl3fS%i.‘1??t”"’d W mm-“· *’““"‘i°“ ““ HWY 0€‘¤¤=*¤· The name of Henry Ostman late of COTS! madmw mcluvmé. ‘ United States Volunteer Infantry, War Igggh aegihrnlent Daum M_ Mom pcnion at the nal; of 2 month. , P y a _enameo am , e ,14, fg . · Regiment Pennsylvania Volmtiii I1lf§nt)ry, ('l’V1;£·anw{t}?’S§8{2g6B£gg Pmimimmsut p&{_'hhim a pension at the rate of $12 per month. , New P- Baum- f C 6 118}H60f Mary P. Byram, widow of Quincy Adams B am lam o daptam Keenexjs comgany, Alabama Volunteers, Iridsi-gn {va;-S $1110};;*}; clglgvag PBHSIOH at t 6 fate of $20 per month in lieu of that she Pensions m ° J¤1m1.iimi¤gz¤. The name ofglohn J. H t d d D Harr1n%on, late of Corggiinnz; OH, liIh(i·l.1yFsni1iiiflitllg¤(i;1Ig;i;;vr%§1;§é{{ Snsnins olunteer Infantry, War with Spam, and pay°hjm B, pension Jam R ZM- “Tt2¥.“.§§3§£?M12i¤P¤°’ ‘§°‘i*h‘ d mm, 16 _. immerman, wi ow of H Z' gf; 0* Cgpmy A. Fifteenth Reimat p.n¤S,fl‘$’.3§a v0f$122; imtryv W with SP*1i¤» and pay er a pension at the rate of $12 Fer mQ¤th» mid $2 per month additional on account of each of the our minor children of said Henr Zimmerman un il age of sixteen years y t may mach tm C E` GI°“°°' The name of Claren E . _ . Gl , 1 · Regiment Ohio Volimte; Infa.ntti·ayS,O%Var&t:it(lif S(g>(ai?1pa¤1gii Ighyslliijgi Gcome L.Hol1is. ”* li$£l§¥¤H¥;·t tn?} rate oi&J$1§ Plir month. ‘ . ll 90 €¤1‘ge . o`s lateofTroo FSev thR ' United States Cav R 'E b · P ’ cn . Bglmcmi g;,T,,,§},m; sxoqralztltnliratn cg §$1{E;§8E§n:]g,;ih·sta hshment, and pay him a pm. fl!] . 82 QS. Q O · 1 ’ I t • Second Texas Volunteer Infaiiip BSW;r6w§h](g` md Surgeon Ot: the P —= ension of $$30 · · ry' · pam’ and Pay hm 8 ,0•;¤;;§¤E3l€5_4 P Th fper month in lieu of that he IS now receiving. Regigglimt? Qt gogeph Daley, late of Compan%L, Twenty-seventh PB him 3 Pgisgon at;=•·:§S Vc; untte;{·7Infantl’5’, h ar with Spain, and U cLemor 8 ra 8 0 I · R emu e. m(;l,;1l;e‘namei§f xlisbent Mgnimore, 1%§€OfHOcoIhi§any H, Second Regi- . lm eer t · pensnon at the rate of $12 p,;1;nI2;fth_ ar with p8'm’ and Pay him 8