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1212 · i SIXTY·FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. CHS. 44,51, 58, 59. 1916. £$*j,$,§,°';.S·GmdakG, The name of L dia F. Goodaker, widow of Samuel C. Goodaker, ° ° late of Company lil, Second Regiment California Volunteer Cavalry, and pay her a ension at the rate of $12 per month. MMF I·I"*“'°°“- The name ofp Mary I. Fawcett, widow of Thomas Fawcett, late of the United States Navy, and pay her a pension at the rate of $12 per month. P¤¤¤i°¤¤ i¤°’°“°d· The name of Thomas B. Carey late of Company H, Sixteenth Regi- Thomas B. Carey. ’ . . . ment, and Company F, Seventieth Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry; and pay him a pension at the rate of $50 per month in lieu of that e is now receiving. _ _ _ ’”‘°°b C°"°d' The name of Jacob Conrad, late of Company E, Thirtieth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and pay him a pension at the rate P . of $50 per month in lieu of that he is now receiving._ _ ruse A. mai. The name of Rose A. Mooney, now Reed, former widow of Julius C. Mooney, late of Coglpany K, One hundred and_fifty-third Regiment Indiana Wgolunteer antry, and pay her a pension at the rate of $12 per mont . ,@";‘_*‘§I°,§§,§,";’f’· C0The name ofgallign Aérlggwksé widow oghlgraslttigs L. Havilqks, la? cg mpany F e un an twent — t `ment ew or Volunteer and ma`o1·, Tenth Regiment Ilnited States Volunteer Infantry, ar with and pay her a pension at the rate _ of $25 per month in lieu of t at she is now receiving. Approved, March 16, 1916. A n¤enm,1sm. '""""

 cmu- 51.-An Act Fm the mus: or Michael F. ohm. I

[Private, 0.3.] Be ite·n.actedl>ytheSenateand House of Re esentatives of the United 1,,,,,,,,,;,-_0.H,,,,_ States of America in Congress assembled, &t the Secretary of the P¤Ym¤‘¤¤ te Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to a , out . P Y of any money m the Treasury, of the United States not otherwise alppropriated, Michael F. OHare, of Tyngsboro, Massachusetts, t e_sum of $85 m fullcompensation for loss o cow and injury to his business through negligence on the part of em loyees of the United States Department of Agriculture, ureau of Rntomology, on June eleventh, mneteen hundred and eleven. Approved, March 20, 1916. A mma GEAR 58___ . . . . Kpiii; :;::4) km Uniwd S¤w·Anm£¤<:IIL¢:r of the heirs of John Howard Payne, deceased, Be·it enactedby theSenateandHouseo Re entativ theU·ited i>°ii§£i°ii'i°Z°iii»>xi¤Y'3£‘ States of America in Congress assembled,fThazti1.:lie sumedl'0§205.9; be, and the same 1s_hereby, appropriated, out of any money m the Treasury not otherwise {appropriated, m payment of the amount found to be due John How Payne, late United States consul at Tunis, and that the same be paid to his heirs. Approved, April 3, 1916. A '”3y“”°· crm?. ¤e.—A¤A G ‘ ‘ d` crease ‘ · ·

 .1 ..ii0..9m..cMf€v§”‘§‘¤°}i“§.;’€.”.?.”.?i'&2?v.¥;`;d depe‘IfdE$€f§i’i'£§%E'3.‘?a“§}.°§‘;'5

vv . 0-5-1 sailors of said war. Be·itc*nactedby theSenateandHmtseo Re entati theU·aZted Pmmt States of America in C’0rn.%·ess assembled, Thyaliizgthe y of", the Interior be, and he is here y, authorized and directed to place on the pension roll, subject to the provisions and limitations of the pension _ _ laws——- §§,°,§‘$,,‘!f'* The name of John Priest, late of Company F, One hundred and fortieth Regiment Indiana Volimtcer Infantry, and pay him a pension at the rate of $36 per month in lieu of that he is now receiving.