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\ M8] W 1916. 1670 PARCEL POST (,ONTENTION—CHINA. Hm Form ue. 1. Form 1. Parcels Post. Apercel addrossedasunderhasbeenposfadberethisday.

l Otlioe ¥ stamp. . ... Thisoertmcetebgivmtohniermtlw sender ol thelpcsting ore parcel, and does not indicate that my lhbilityinrspwtdmchpuodettachstotbe ustmmiaer General. F¤¤¤ NM- Fomr 2. A. Pame1sPoc¢b¢twecr•&hc UMtedState:m•dC7»ina. Date. Place to which · mm: or cusmous 1>¤cr..uu*r10N. mma Stamp. ad . Descripti I pared: {si-org - Total whether box, Contents. Value, Per cent. customs basket, bog, charges. etc.] ` S S Total. S S Dubclpostingz ,..,.,,,,,,, ,19,,;signature and address o£s•¤der{;::::;:::·;;:· ·······‘‘··········· 8·Fort¤eufPost0tHc•only andtobemledu atthecmoeofexchnnge: ```· ° `'```` Parcel Bill No. .. ; 'No. ot rates prepagl, .. ; Entry N0. ... . .. B. ¥ah1écelsP$t({r0m 5... m ts (tus unpo ut assessed { toms ocnhem peroel ts ms ..,., wma; m..b.p£.3°»2l.§§il§’.‘{.`€‘;“.u.~...d. ° °“‘°‘“‘ Dee Stamp. Parcels Post from . This parcel has been passed by an officer of customs and must be delivered D te Fuzz or Cmumm. “ Stamp. l.. ,___