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CONVENTION—DENMARK. Aueusr 4, 1916. 1717 the Danish Westindian Islands or in which the said Church may have an interest nor as imposing upon the United States any duty or responsibility with respect to the management of any property belonging to said church beyond protecting said church in the possession and use of church property as stated in said convention in the same manner and to the same extent only as other churches shall be protected in the possession and use of their several properties. It will be evident from the above that the Danish Government accept the understanding as to the meaning and construction of the provisions of the said convention in accordance with the resolution of the United States’ Senate concerning the question of the rights of the Church in the Islands. I have the honor to be, Sir, with the highest consideration, Your most obedient and humble servant, C. Baum. The Honorable Ronmr Lhzvsmc, Secretary of State of the United States.