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PRO CLAMATION S. ' Br run Pnnsmnm or run Umrmn Sryrms. “"°" ”’·“"5· A PROCLAMATION. I, WOODROW WILSON, President of the United States of d§,,‘°“§,.,§,‘?,§§’ America, by virtue of the dpower and authority vested in me b the Mg Sgglkwmdsm Act of Congress approve February 14, 1913 (37 Stat., 675l; do 1>¤i£°a.m». ` hereby prescribe, proclaim and make known that all the non—m.ineral, V°L °"*l’· °75· unallotted and unreserved lands within the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, in the States of North and South Dakota, shall be disposed of under the general provisions of the homestead laws of the United States and the said Act of Congress, shall be opened to settlement and entry, and shall be settled upon, occupied and entered in the following manner, and not otherwise: 1 . Execution and Presentation of Applwations. Any person who is qualified to make entry under the general pro- ,,,$,§,E,l§§'§{,l_{.’;{s '°' visions of the homestead laws may swear to and present an application to make homestead entry of these lands on or after May 3, 1915, or any such person who is entitled to the benefits of Sections 2304, 2305 ¤1}°;;gj*g’§$‘ ”°**”°°· and 2307, of the Revised Statutes of the United States, may iile a declaratory statement for these lands on or after said date. Each application to make homestead entry and each declaratory statement filed m person must be sworn to by the applicant before the Register or the Receiver of the United States land office for the district in which the lands are situated, or before a United States Commissioner, or a jud e or a clerk of a court of record residing in the county in which theland is situated, or before any such officer who resides outside the county and in the land district and is nearest or most accessible to the land. The agent’s affidavit to each declaratory statement filed by agent must be sworn to by the agent ·before one of such officers on or after May 3, 1915, ut the power of attomey appointing the a ent may be sworn to by the declarant on or after _ April 1, 1915, gefore any officer in the United States hav` v a seal and authority to administer oaths. After applications havlglbeen so sworn to, they must be presented to the Register and Receiver of the proper land office. Applicants may present the applications in person, by mail, or otherwise. No person shall be permitted to present more than one application in his own behalf. 2. Purchase money, Fees and Omnmismbns. One-fifth of the purchase price of the land applied for must be paid P°m°°”` at the time of entry and a sum equal thereto must be tendered with all applications to make homestead entry. Such sum will also be required with declaratory statements pligesented on or before May 17, 1915, and when so tendered will be posed of as hereinafter provided. In addition, each application to make homestead entry must 1721