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1730 PROCLAMATIONS, 1915. IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be aflixed. Done at the city of Washington this twenty-fourth dag of May in the year of our Lor one thousand nine hundre and fifteen [snu,.] and of the inde endence of the United States of America the one hundred) and thirty-ninth. Woonnow W1LsoN By the President: W. J. BRYAN Secretary of State.

 BY run Pizmsrnmrr or rim Uivrrnn Sraras or Amnmca

A PROCLAMATION ° ¤$°i¤¤gs°{b$1°i N°' WHEREAS it agpears that the Npublic good will be promoted by

  • "°°‘“"‘°- excluding from the anta Barbara ationa Forest, California, certain

Vol 38 1 13 areas, and restoring the public lands therein in a manner authorized ` ’°` by the Act of Congress approved September thirtieth, nineteen hundred and thirteen entitl "An Act To authorize the President to prolvge a lmetléog forhopening lands restored from reservation or , . wit awa , an or other oses"; Arm °u°”°’Sh°d` N ow, therefore, I, Woodri)>\vIvr%Vilson, President of the United States V°L "°·P· 3** of America, by virtue of the power in me vested by the Act of Congress approved June fourth, eighteen hundred and ninety-seven (30 tat., 11 at 34 and 36), entitle "A.n Act Making a propriations for sundry civil expenses of the Government for the tigcal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, and for other uroses", do proclaim that the boundaries of the Santa Bargara National Forest are hereby changed to exclude the areas indicated as Elimigations on the diagram hereto annexed and forming a part ereo . st¤F·:d1ii>ds•4(i,t1i:niihit.r& And I do further proclaim and make known that in my judgment it is proper and necessary in the interest of equal op ortunity and good administration that aH of such excluded lands suliijeet to disposition should be restored to settlement in advance of entry, and purvtras, p. ua. suant to the authority reposed in me by the aforesaid Act of Septem- ‘ ber thirtieth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, I do hereby direct and provide that such lands, subject to valid rights and the provisions of Time oropenmg. existing withdrawahe, shall be open to actual settlers on y under the provisions of the homestead laws for a period of twenty-eight days rom and includin nine o’c1ock a. m., standard time, on tge sixty- third day from ang after the date hereof, and thereafter to entry and dlisposition imder any and all of the public land laws apphcable t ereto.

 §${Zl°?$ Persons who go upon any of the lands to be restored as herein ro-

°P°¤*¤¢— vided and fperform any act of settlement thereon from and including the date o this proclamation until nine o’clock a. m., standard time, on the sixty-third day from and after the date hereof, or who are on or are occirpying any part of such lands at said hour, except those having vali subsisting settlement rights initiated prior to reservation and smce maintained, and those having preferences to make entry under the provisions of the Act of Congress approved June eleventh, _ nineteen hundred and six (34 Stat., 233), entitled "A.n Act To pro- $,§§_",§*°{§f§,l,}j¤d$- vide for the entry of Aqicultural lands within forest reserves", and ' Acts amendatory, will e considered and dealt with as trespassers and preference will be given the prior legal a licant, notwithstanding k,§_f,‘f’°*°°°*°¤$ °*· such_ unlawful settlement or occupancy: Plfovided, however, that nothing herem shall prevent persons from going upon and over the