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1762 PROCLAMATIONS, 1915, 1916. AND WHEREAS, the peolple of the United States have demonstrated their sympathy for the suffering people on all sides in the gregt ljgluropeéan war byilthegr splpndid ang siuclcigssfng chalnitagyxtn work m e 'um, ervia,an otherpaces;an ee`gtatte erican people would quickly respond to an appeal for help in Poland, once the tragedy of the situation there is brought home to them, Be it Resolved, That, appreciating the suffe of that stricken eo le, it is su ested that the President of the llnited States set

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1 e ym mm o seasonuponw c aya ec ap eal to the sym athy of all American citizens shall be made, and P , P . . an opportumtiy shall given for all to contribute to a much needed holi ay fund or rehef m Po1and." AND WPIEREAS, I_feel confident that the pezople of the United Statis, dnnring tins hohdayl saegson, will be mov to and a people stnc en war amine an ease· ,gg_¤§·:1”{,};;°}g»§°°gj Now,_ tlierefoie, I, Woodrow Wilson, President of the United www su rlzmcmz States, m compliance with the suggestion of the Senate thereof, do P°u’h ’°°*’ appoint and proclaim January 1, 1916, as a day upon which the peep; o t6hpfUnitl.pd Sgatpsthmay mlnke Igunllghcontriputions as they feel ` pos ort ear o estmc en o` peo e. Contributions may be addressed to tliie American Red Cross Washirégion, D. C., which will care for their proper distribution. ’ INd hTl§)E81SSf I havebhereungao set my hand and cause te ote ni tatestoe . Done at the City of Washingtgn this eighteenth day of December in the year of our rd one thousand nine hundred and [SEAL.] fifteen, and of the Independence of the United States the one hundred and fortieth. Woonaow WrLsoN By the President: Ronmrr Laxsme, Secretary of State. ’·¤¤·¤¤·*°*¢ Br rum Pimsmnur or rm: Unrrmn Srarns or Ammuca. A PROCLAMATION. _,,?0ggf““*° ’°"’ WHEREAS, I have received from the Senate of the United States samba a Resolution, passed January 6, 1916, reading as follows: S§a°’,§}““°° °‘ "’° _ “Whereas in the various countries now eng ed in war there are ning millions ofdJenrsi1 the gregt majority of vggom are destitute of oo ,s eter an cotin ;an _VVhereas inillions of Elem have been driven from their homes without warning, deprived of an opportunity to make provision for gnfir most elgmentary wants, causing starvation, diesase and untold ermg; an W'hereas the people of the Unit d States of America hav l d with sorrow of this terrible light? of millions of human belingsuaiirid have arlxigst gene1i1ox(i1sly};lresp¢%)e¢§;o tina cry for help whenever such an appe as reac e them; ere ore e it ESOLVED/I‘ht,' fth m.1se` , thdn , dh d- sbipsvwhich these nihe irilliiiiislbf Jsws areigullgisig? tl1;SPr§den8trof the [Tinted States be respectfully asked to designate a day on which the citizens of this country may give expression to their sympathy by eoninbuting to the funds now being raised for the relief of the Jews m the war zones." AKD WHEREAS, I feel confident that the peolple of the United States will be moved to aid the war-stricken peep e of a. race which has given to the United States so many·worthy citizens;