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Statute Ⅰ.

May 24, 1828.
Chap. CXXIV.—An Act making appropriations to enable the President of the United States to defray the expenses of delegations of the Choctaw, Creek, Cherokee, and Chickasaw, and other tribes of Indians, to explore the country west of the Mississippi.

Delegations of the Choctaw, Creek, &c. Indians west of the Mississippi, to explore the unoccupied lands of the United States.Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the sum of fifteen thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby, appropriated, to enable the President of the United States to employ suitable persons to conduct delegations of the Choctaw, Creeks, Cherokees, and Chickasaw, and such other tribes of Indians as may be disposed to send delegations west of the Mississippi for the purpose of exploring the unoccupied lands of the United States without the limits of the states and territories, preparatory to the final emigration of said Indians.

Amount of expenses not to exceed $15,000.Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the President of the United States is hereby authorized to defray the expenses of the delegations aforesaid, not exceeding the amount of the above appropriation; to be paid out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated.

Approved, May 24, 1828.

Statute Ⅰ.

May 24, 1828.
Chap. CXXV.—An Act to establish sundry post-roads and to discontinue others.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following be established as post-roads:

In Maine.In Maine.—From Damariscotta Mills, by West Jefferson and Windsor, to Palermo. From Waterville, by Clinton, Albion and Freedom, to Belfast. From Rumford Point, by Dixfield, Canton, North Livermore, East Livermore, Wayne, and Winthrop, to Augusta; and that so much of the route from Readfield to Rumford Point, as interferes with this route, be discontinued. From Augusta, through South Vassalborough, South China, Palermo, North Palermo, Montville, North Searsmont, and Belmont, to Belfast. From Green to Farmington. From Standish, through East Baldwin, Sebago, Bridgetown and Denmark, to Fryeburg. From Augusta, through Belgrade, Rome, New Sharon, Industry, and New Vineyard, to New Portland. From New Sharon, through Industry, New Vineyard, and New Portland, to Kingfield. From the Great Falls, in the state of New Hampshire, to the Little Falls in Lebanon, Maine.

New Hampshire.In New Hampshire.—From Milford, through Dunstable, to Derry. From Farmington to Dover. From Concord, by Chichester, Pittsfield, Barnstead, Strafford, Barrington, and Madbury, to Dover. From Walpole, by Drewsville, Langdon, and Alstead, to Marlow. From Lower Bartlett, through Adam’s and Pinkham’s Grant, to Randolph. From Haverhill, through Bath and Lyman, to Lyman Bridge, thence to the lower village, in Barnet, Vermont. From Glenville, by Bethlehem and Whitefield, to Lancaster.

Massachusetts.In Massachusetts.—From Taunton to Providence, by Rehoboth village. From Newburyport, by Salisbury, Amesbury, Haverhill, Methuen, and Dracut, to Lowell. From Canton, by Sharon and Foxborough meeting-houses, to East Attleborough. From Greenfield, through Shelburne, Buckland, and Hawley, to Savoy. From Ware, through Hardwick, Petersham, Athol, and Royalston, in Massachusetts, and Richmond, and Swanzey, in New Hampshire, to Keene.

Connecticut.In Connecticut.—From Springfield, Massachusetts, by Somers, Connecticut, on the Burbank road, Tolland, Mansfield, Beardley’s store, and Windham, to Norwich. From Sharon, through Salisbury, Great Hallow,