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654 SIXTY—SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 214. 1920. stationery, law books and books of reference, and such other articles _ as may be necessary for use in the District of Columbia and the sev- ?"{,,,},;’°,g;,,F mmm eral collecfiiori distrfizts $21,000,000; Profvgdad, That noaa more thier; ¤fr¤v¤¤¤¤ ws- $500,000 o the tot amount appropriate erein may expen e by the Commissioner of Intemnllltegenue for detecting and bringing to trial persons guilty of violating the internal-revenue laws or conngvinglat the same, including payments for information and detection o suc vio ation. a.?¤§l°°°i°g °°u°°` To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to refund money covered "°‘· "5· P- 32* into the Treasury as internal-revenue collections, under the provisions Remdm mmm of the Act a proved May 27, 1908, $250,000. _ wumsduim Y For refunding taxes illegally collected under the provisions of p*;‘;§,,;§‘;_‘?,§·3”°·3“8°· sections 3220 and 3689, Revise Statutes, as amended y the Act of %’¤1-40.p.1145. Feblruary 24, 191£i;6$12,000,000; and npt to lgxgeefl $1,000,000hr§f sai amount may in payment officert' e c aims over the years old wit(hpu%p1pecial approprgigliiicérz by (glongregs) in each mpm·¢'¤rais¤¤m-case: ° , atareports maeto ngresso te `- °*{,“,f,’,·,0'p_ ,,,_,_ bursements hereunder as required by the Act of Februargl-E4, 1919.

 miami For exgpenses to enforce the provisions of the "National hibition

°1;'g‘,§},_”§g” °"° N*"‘ Act" an the Act entitled "An Act to dprovide for the registration of, Aw. p. as. with collectors of internal revenue, an to impose a special tax rgpon, vcr eg, p. 185; vti persons who_ produce, import, manufacture, compound, de in, 4o,p.1m. dispense, sell, distribute, or give away opium or cocoa leaves, their salts, derivatives, or preparations, and for other purposes," atpproved December 17, 1914, as amended by the "Revenue Act o 1918," irilcluding the emploiment of executive ofigceg, ageints, inspectors, c emists, assistant c emists, supervisors, cer , an messengers in the Held and in the bureau of internal revenue in the District of Columbia, to be appointed as authorized by law; the securing of evidence of violations of the Acts and for the purchase of such supp ies, equipment,dr¤{)ecl(;:;lnical gevicgs, lpboratorydpupplies, booklsé necessary rmtrn an _ in gan suc other ex n 'tures asmay necessary g the District of Columbia and severalm field offices, and for rental of nm, mise-ict Oreo. necessary quarters, $4,500,000: Provided, That not to exceed $49,500 ‘“K*;*:_;m M mmm of the foregoing sum shall be expended for rental of quarters in the eniprceinent. _ _. _ of olumbia: Pr0vid€d_fu7°thBT, HOt; to GXCOBd ,0';}·,;t§6_P· *8* ‘°’· of the fotre;g`omg_(siu1§r1tsh;rl§)9be exlp:n;i;ad1f)c;r4enforcement of the pronl M Q Ovisnonso e_sa1 co oem r , . .,,$,.TS$S°{gf.f°m ”° { The Commissioner of Internal Revenue shall submit to Congress on the Erst day of its next regular session a detailed statement s owing the number, designation, and annual rate of compensation of the perilous eénployed and gre lgmounts fegppndid fpr ren; apd other au orize _ purposes in e istrict o 0 um ia rom the oregoing appropriations for internal revenue. mg§¤¤¤·»¤¤¤¤* T·"¤¤· INDEPENDENT TREASURY. ,,.§,"3,$:~:,°‘,°,;i,*;;‘;.*;§ Section eso; of the Revised statutes of are United sims, as mg} gf*Ys},bl*’;l§$' p_ amendedhprovrdrng for the appointment of an Assistant Treasurer viompéarca. of the United States at Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Orleans, Saint Louis, San Francisco, Cincinnati, and Chicago, S U U mums to be and laws or parts of laws so far as they authorize the establishment ,,,3;,,;,,;,];,;,% or- maintenance of offices of such Assistant Treasurers or of Subtreasuries of the United States are hereby repealed from and after July 1, 1921 ;_ and the Secretary of the ury is authorized and directed to discontmue from and after such date or at such earlier Termination Ofsma date or dates as he may deem advrsable, Such subtreasuries and the im gfggnplgyggg exercise of all duties and functions by such assistant treasurers or their offices._ The office of each assistant treasurer specified above and the services of any officers or other employees assigned to duty