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1520 SIXTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 17. 1924. Pmgwwm The name of Avilla Hough, former widow of Andrew Swartz, A °°'h' late of Company I, Eighty-sixth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and pay her a pension at the rate of $50 per month m lieu of that meme. she is now receiving. _ _ _ _ _ M=*¤*°°’·B““¤~ The name of Mar t J. B11hg widow of Charles V. Bilhg, late of Compan G, One iundred and £orty-fifth Regiment Penns lvania Volunteer infantry, and pay hard a pelngion at the rate of $130 per e 'onn . ththro h le appoin gua `an._ ¥“D§1L·i’:‘w§?d m?IIlhe nand1§>f.Ian§,‘a'L1i{·IeWitt, widow of Daniel C. Hewitt, late eeal heaver, Stat%esthNavg, and pay her at pension at the rate of $50

  • ’°¤=*°¤¤· ' at e is now receiving.

Nm J`Fuu°r` P8@0liiam1dloF¥§ancy J. Fu$leir,1¥r;dow of IJ1a£1es {Fuller, liite f Com C e hundre thent `ana ounteer n- M _ Y (iantry, gglllypay hdi a pensipn at thedmrate of $30 per month. mm °°°°‘ C0The nan? cgnl\IiInnie1Ygung& widow rge G. gcbulgg, late of m n e un re an ninety- egimen `o 0 un- {;:r¤&>g¤ggu¤;¤;*¢ teefhlldfgntry, an¢§»ayhherGa pension sg: the iéate of $33 per moiitgi. f· ' e name of art a ruver wi ow o Isaac- ruver ae o Company D, One hundred and fdrty-sixth Regiment Illinoih Volunteer nfantry, and pay her a pension at the rate of $50 per month Sm,] L Hmm? in lieu of that she is now receiving. um. ’ The name of Sarah L. Headington, widow of Emmet Headington, late of Company B, Thirtieth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infe;n&·y, aid pay her a pension at the rate of $50 per month in lieu o at e is now receiving. Mmm ‘u°°°M' The name of Mary E. Alexander, widow of Robert Alexander, . late of Company C, Fifty-third Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry; and pay her a pension at the rate of $50 per month in lieu of Pemio . t at s e is now receiving. T]*°'“‘g‘S"*m*· The name of Thomas A. Smith, helpless and dependent son of Thomas D. Smith, late of Coméiany H, Seventh Regiment Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry, and 1xt(y-fourth Company, Second Battghggb Veteran geserve Corps, an pay hun a pension at the rate Pensions increased. 0 P8! IDOD » Mw B°"‘°*‘· CThe nam?) og_l\%i1ryRBoylen, wlédow ff Pat1{7icl§ Boylen, late of ompany 1X egnment ew ersey o t Inf alndpay her a pension at the rate of $40 per moniihn llieu oiinggt _ s e is now receiving. N°°°" I·°‘”“'*· C The namler 061] Na}ncydLeg1ingé widow if §0pliraim lfegiling, %te of om any e im re an six een e ment I - teer Infantry, and pay her a pension at theilate of $1409;;- ufoiitrh Swank, Mmm inrlileu of that Phe is novhrecleiiviggil d ““""··** · enameo 'ra itce wi ow ofJ L.Mithll P mi md gltet of C<:1mpanyhA, Ninoteentht glegimtegit fI;ggai\1IiE1x8§\To11mtee: gn; e ·;¤i¤¤r¤ - an ry an pay er a nsion a e ra o th_ Em K"**“"*‘*“ The hiame of Emma guifman, widow_ of Joseph glllgldgman, late of Companly K, Two hundred and third Regiment Penn lvania P Velngllteerk nfa;1i?;y%2$d_pay her a_pension at the rate of 2750 per ¤·¤si¤¤. _ mon in eu o a e is now receiving. ”"*“°’°‘* H· S*m“"· The name of Blanche H. Simms, helpless and dependent daughter of John Simms, late of Company E, One hundred and ninety-fourth Regliment Pennsylvama Volunteer Infantiriy, and pay her a pension Pension awe,.-ea at the rate of $20 r month through a le 1 a inted dj Mew-W~¤¤¤¤· The name or Mgery J wuking whim? ry1>1£E° wn1§.im1i§' { . . .· . ,0 P ¤ o S3E*§***" E’ 'i°—}?i§'?'ii*§“’h.R€gi'*£i°{.*€ 0***% Y°*§*“‘°°I*.-‘**g,,‘°§€‘3,’,;,,““" . any _ glm D IC I1 0 un ee t ` P ’ gg i§a,y0v]:e1£;:6?$i1;S10H at the rate 0§E50 per moii-th in lieu of tllirzit GIISIOH. D , ¤,E"‘°“°t M' °°'*""‘ The name of Brigget M. Cnrgenter, widow of William F. Carpenter, late of Company G, One undred and eighty-ninth Regiment