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1548 SIXTY-EIGHTH corrennss. sms. II. GHS. 107,111. 1925. November, 1919, may be sued for ply the_said Aktieselskabet Marie ` di Giorgio in the District Court of eUnited States for the Southern Digtriciéh of Npw York, sitting lals a <;'c;urt pif adgmiraltyg agduaiing J¤ri·:dic¢i¤¤¤i¤¤¤rf- un er e rues governing suc cou an sa1 cour s a ave jurisdiction to hear and determine such ,suit and to enter a judgment or decree for the amount of such damages and_cost, if any, as shall be found to be due against the United States in favor of Aktieselskabet MaE·i•;ld.iUGior§icé, or against ligktieselskabet Marie éli Giorgio in favor o the United States upon the same princip es an measures _ of liability as in like cases in admiralty between private parties §Q}’§'§,‘f"‘,,c_, to A,. and with the same rights of appeal: Provided, That such notice of °°¤=°Y °°¤¤¤*1- the suit lsiiall be gigep) to tlge Atpotppey Ggneral of tge United gtatles as may provide y or er o e said court an it shall e the duty of the Attorney General to cause the United States attorney in such district to appear and defend for the United States: Su§{’mm$"°°m°“° °' Provided further, That said suit shall be brought and commenced C°¤d”'°¤· within four months of the date of the passage o this Act: Pro/vided further, 'I‘hat this authorization to bring suit against the United States is ganted upon the express con ition that Aktieselskabet Marie di iorgio submit to the jurisdiction of the court for the judicigl detegxiinatign of anyhclaims of the United States %§isin5 out o a co ision etween the steamship Runa and the nite States Shipping Board Steamship Chickamauga, in New York Bay on the 27th day of July, 1920, or any other claims, whatsoever, in §av(c_§r of the Uizggdgtatesgsd alito that the said Akti?elskabet Lgarie 1 1org1o wi 1rty ys a er the institution o an it y it 8°'°"°°“°‘ against thd United _States or against it by the United Sstailds, shall file a·surety bond signed by such American surety company and in such amount as shall be agreed upon by the proctors for the respective parties or as shall be iixed by the Court to secure payment of any costs or gidgments which may be decreed against it. pproved, anuary 28, 1925. January 29. 1925.

— CHAP. 111.·—An Act For the relief of George A. Berry

oem 1. amy. 5:6 it ewciéd by the Sefwte and House of Representative.; of the mg£g$.%£g°*¤ ¤¤*¤1 g/`8rz.iteddS£ue§ ofl;4.rner·ica in Congress assembled, That the President ` _ an e ere y is, authorized to order Georve A. Berry exhehtenant commander, United States Naval Reseive Force, td appear before a naval retiring board for the purpose of determining whether or not the d1sab111ty complained of in his case originated Pmmm in the lme of duty in time of war, as required by the provisions of i..‘€i‘3.%‘".§‘.§t‘;‘°;‘t,"¥,‘Z '*1‘° *1*** °1 J“1Y.12· .1921- "°1¤mP .4% Statutes at Large, page 140= gigaceaglgu retired list of Promdedy lf said p8·Y?·l· retzlrlng bO8Td 6DdS Lil`, BQITY is

iEQJ‘;mn¤§°c¤;; now suffering from a disabihty incurred in the line of duty in time

of war which renders him unfit to perform all the duties of the grade of lieutenant commander, United States Naval Reserve Force, in time of war, the President be, and he is hereby, authorized to nominate `and, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, 3N%};(?1l{1&{ ;1S;prgeFA. Berryi it luiuteniaint commarider. United States _ ·ve orce an o ace nn upon the ref d l` t 'th "°1’°°"*’°’·°°‘* three-fourths of the pay of his grade: Provided furiiigzr, 'lgliatdlhe ilgzgligiop be entitled to any back pay or allowances by the passage - c . Approved, January 29, 1925. `