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 Treaty, and additional article, between the United States and Venezuela

for extradition of fugitives jiom justice. Signed at Caracas, January · 19 and 21, 1922; ratiyication advised by the Senate Januar%5, .928; mti by Venezuela, February 15, 1923; ratified by the resident, Feb;-iuljry 21, 1923; ratijications exchanged at Caracas, April 14, 1923; proclaimed, January 2, 1924. Br rmt Pnnsmnm or rim Unrrnn Sums or Amnmoa, A PROCLAMATION. lnndirim viw Whereas a Treaty between the United States of America andthe via:-idle. United States of Venezuela dproviding for the extradition of fuglgtives from justice was conclude and signed by their respective lempotentiaries at Caracas on the nineteenth ay of January one thousand nine hundred and twengzly-two; P••'»P·'”'· And whereas an Addition Article to the said Treaty was signed by the respective plenipotentiaries of the United States of America and the United States 0 Venezuela on the twent}y—£rst day of J anna.}; one thousand nine hundred and twenty-two the oliiginals of whi Treaty and Additional Article being m the Eng and Spamsh languages are word_for word as follows: °°°*""“°¤P°"“’— The United States of America Los Estados Unidos de Amériand the United States of Vene- ca y los Estados Unidos de zuela, desiring to strengthen their Venezuela, deseando estrechar las reciprocal re ations, to facilitate relaciones reciprocas, facilitar la the course of punitive justice accién de la justicia penal y and to limit the crimes which reprimir los crimenes que puedan may be committed in their re- cometerse en sus respectivos tespective territories; to (prevent rxitoriosg a fin de evitar la impunit e impunity which woul result dad que resultaria. de la evasion from the escape of guilty persons de los delincuentes y de su asilo and of their asylum in the terri- en el territoxio de una u otra. tory of one or the other nation, naci6n, han resuelto celebrar un have resolved to conclude a Tratado de Extradicién de los Treaty for the extradition of the enjuiciados de los condenados, accused as well as of those who y han nombrado al efecto por have been sentenced, and have sus Plenipotenciarios, a. saber: aplpointed for that purpose the fo owin Plenipotentiariesz “°'·‘**’°‘“*““"°“· The President of the United El Excelentisimo Senor Presi- States of America, John Camp- dents de los Estados Unidos de bell White, Cha é d’AHaires ad América, al Senor John Campbell interim of the l.-Vnited States of White, Encargado de Ne ocios ad America to Venezuela, and interim de los Estados liiidos de The Provisional President of América; el Senor Presidente the United States of Venezuela, Provisional? de los Estados Unidos Doctor Pedro Itriago Chacin, Min- de Venezuela, al Senor Doctor ister of Foreign Affairs of the Pedro Itri oChacin,M.inistro de United States of Venezuela; Relacionegdljxteriores de los Estados Unidos de Venezuela;