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1740 EXTRADITION TREATY——LATVIA. OCTOBER 16, 1923. the amount of money or the value of the property_so obtained or received exceeds twgohungred iollars or Latvian equivalent. Penury- 20. Pe or su rna non o er]u . ameauumc. 21. Friilulilrjhr breach of trust Iliy ariailee, banker, a§nt, factor, trustee, executor, administrator, guardian, director or officer of any company or corporation, or by any one in any Iiduc1ary position, where the amount of money or the value of the property misappropriated exceeds two hundred dollars or Latvian equivalent. sam mains- 22. Crimes and offenses against the laws of both countries for the suppression of slavery and slave trading. _ D¤¤¤r¢1¤z¤¤¤<i=¤¤· 23. Wilful desertion of minor or dependent children, aassseses. 24. Extradition shall also take place for lpgnrticipation in aniy of the crimes before mentioned as an accessory fore or after the act; provided such participation be punishable by imprisonment bv the laws of both the High Contracting Parties. ARTICLE III. u§§§,$,‘§“,;·Tl“ '°' *’°' The provisions of the present Treaty shall not import a claim of extradition for any crime or offense of a political character, nor for acts connected with such crimes or offenses; and no person surrendered by or to either of the High Contracting Parties in virtue of this Treaty shall be tried or punished for a plolitical crime or a;,gt°g£,{§,k offense. When the offense charged comprises the act either of untepditicalcrima. murder or assassination or of isoning, either consummated or attempted, the fact that the offgiise was committed or attempted against the life of the Sovereign or Head of a foreign State or against the life of arg member of his family, shall not be deemed `sufficient to sustain at such crime or offense was of a political character; or was an act connected with crimes or offenses of a political character. ARTICLE IV. bfgglééjéggggégf No person shall be tried for any crime or offense other than that for which he was surrendered. ARTICLE V. m}‘;·;l¤(·;e:¤·¤¤=¤¤¤¤ M A fugitive criminal shall not be surrendered under the provisions ` hereof, when, from lapse of time or other lawful cause, according to the laws of the lace within the jurisdiction of which the fugitive may be found, tlie criminal is exempt from prosecution or punishment for the offense for which the surrender is asked. ARTICLE VI. ¤ui)£li°°°s:°d°$’¤i°i¤'°¢i·°} If a fugitive criminal whose surrender may be claimed pursuant ‘”**°'° '°“¤*’- to the stipulations hereof, be actually under prosecution, out on bail or in custody, for a crune or offense committed in the country where he has sought asylum, or shall have been convicted thereof, his extradition may be deferred until such proceedings be determined, and until he shall have been set at liberty in due course of law. ARTICLE VII. 0,,§g§g;*,,*g,§,P§f'*°d by If a fugitive criminal claimed by one of the parties hereto, shall be also claimed by one or more powers pursuant to treaty provisions, on account of crimes committed within their jurisdiction, such crunmall shall be delivered to that State whose demand is first receive .