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ARBITRATION AGREEl\[ENT—NETHERLANDS. FEBRUARY 13, 1924. 1755 ARTICLE I. ARTIKEL I. The Convention of Arbitra- Het arbitr verdr van 2 Convention or mcs tion of May 2, 1908, between the Mei 1908 tusslzifzan de aéegeering i{'$§l§?§m,?“°”d°d M Government of the United States der Vereeni de Staten van of America. and Her Majestyx the Amerika. en lglare Ma/esteit de Queen of the Netherlands, the Koningin der Nederlanden, V0, 36 D ,,,8 duration of which by Article III waarvan de duur volgens artikel ' I ` thereof was fixed at a. period of III van dat verdrag was five years from the date of the bepaald op een tydvak van 5 exchan e of ratifications, which jaar, gerekend van den dag van v,,1_3,_,,_1 _ period,%>y the Agreement of May de uitwisseling der akten van 9, 1914, between the two Govern- bekrachtiging, welk tydvak by ments was extended for five het tusschen beide Partyen op 9 years from March 25, 1914, and Mei 1914 gesloten verdrag vcuhp lm was extended by the Agreement werd verlengd voor vyf jaar ° between them of March 8, 1919, gerekend van 25 Maart 1914 en for the further period of five y het tusschen hen op 8 Maart years from March 25, 1919, is 1919 gesloten verdrag werd ereby extended and continued in verlengd voor een naderen force for the further period of termyn van vyf jaar, gerekend five years fromMarch 25, 1924. van 25 Maart 1919, wordt hierby verlengd en gehandhaafd voor een nieuw tydvak van vyf jaar, gerekend van 25 Maart 1924. ARTICLE II. ARTIKEL II. The present Agreement shall Dit verdrag zal worden ti,§;,=_¤¤¤¤&¤¤f¤*=i’¤¤¤· be ratified by the President of the bekrachtigd door den President United States of America., by and der Vereenigde Staten van with the advice and consent of Amerika, op advies en met the Senate thereof, and by Her gmgedkeuring van derzelver Majesty the Queen of the Neth- naat, en Hare Majesteit de erlands, and it shall become ef- Konin `n der Nederlanden eh fective upon the date of the ex- het zalgin working treden op den change of ratihcations, which dag van de uitwisseling der akten shall take place at Washington van bekrachtiging, welke zoo as soon as possible. spoedig mogely te Washington zal pleats hebben. DONE in duplicate in the Gedaan in dubbel teWashing- S*¤“°°'°'· English and Dutc languages at ton, in de Engelsche en Neder- W'ashington this thirteenth day landsche talen, den 13 Februari of February, 1924. 1924. [sun.] CHARLES Evans Huerms [sun.] on Gnanrr AND WHEREAS the said agreement has been duly ratified on ,F·¤¤¤,¤¤=i¤¤¤ ¤v both parts, and the ratifications of the two Governments were ex- ' changed in the City of Washington, on the fifth day of April, one thousand nine hun red and twenty-four; NOIV, therefore, be it known that I, Calvin Coolidge, President P*°•=**¤¤¤**¤¤· of the United States of America, have caused the said_ Agreement to be made public, to the end that the same and every article and clause thereof may be observed and fulfilled with good aith by the United States and the citizens thereof.