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CONVENTION——GREAT BRITAIN. JANUARY 23, 1924. 1761 Oonventwbn between the States and Great Britain for prevention of smuggling of intoxicating liquors. Signed at Washington, J annary 28, 1924; ratification admsed by the Senate Marc 18, 1924; ratqied by the President, March 21, 1924; raw by Great Britain, April 30, 1924; r<£;._)ications exchanged at ashington, May 22, 1924; proclaimed, ay 22, 1924. Br run Pnnsmnm or rmi Uurmn STATES or AMERICA. l A PROCLAMATION. WHEREAS a Convention between the United States of America q,(fl,°§‘$’}‘§§;'},, $$,2

 Great Britain to aid in the prevention of the smuggling of iutoxi- {0°gfmgg¢,gl*{;¢°l;>*,gg8

cating liquors into the United States was concluded an signed by their Umm smug. respective Plempotentiaries at Washinlgton, on the twenty-third day P"’°“‘b1°‘ of January, one thousand nine hundre and twenty-four, the original of which Convention is word for word as follows: The President of the United States of America; °°“'”°°““ P""°”‘ And His Majesty the of the United Kingdom of Great Britain april Egeland and 0 the British Dominions beyond the Seas, Emperor o n a; Being desirous of avoiding any difliculties which might arise between them in connection with the laws in force in the United States on the subject of alcoholic beverages; Have decided to conclude a Convention for that purpose; Plmiwmmmw And have appointed as their Plenipotentiaries: ` The President of the United States of America: Charles Evans Hughes, Secretary of State of the United States; His Majesty the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Irtgiand and of the British Dominions beyond the Seas, Emperor of n a: The Right Honorable Sir Auckland Campbell Geddes, G. C. M. G., K. C. BS, His Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the United tates of America; Who, having communicated their full powers found in good and due form, have agreed as follows: ARTICLE I. The High Contracting Parties declare that it is their Erm intention tug to uphold the principle that 3 marine miles extending from the coast- hd"' line outwards and measured from low—water mar constitute the proper limits of territorial waters. ARTICLE II. (1) His Britannic Majesty agrees that he will raise no objection nr%°i§°£di$`g§L°i to the boarding of private vessels under the British flag outside the §0“§f,§;,;‘;Q;"}‘§”·°*°·· ‘ limits of territorial waters by the authorities of the United States, its territories or possessions in order that enquiries may be addressed to those on board and an examination be made of the ship's papers