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PARCEL POST coNv1aNT1oN-s1AM. i;*f;_;g;*;;$g§% 1881 teriorate; and substances which exhale a bad odor; articles which may in any way damage or destroy the mails or injure the persons handling them. In addition, the followin articles are prohibited transmission *”°° through the mails into the Ignited States: Films or pictorial repre- F sentations of prize fights; plumage or skins of wild birds, except for scientific or educational purposes; and all articles manufactured wholly or in part in a foreign country by convict labor. _ With respect to Siam, the following articles, in addition, are pro- I“‘° S‘““‘· hibited: Firearms, air-guns and all accessories to firearms and airguns; also ammunition. Each cou: 1try will supply, from time to time, a list of articles that °h“”“‘*S may hereafter become prohibited, or, being removed from the prohibited list, become acceptable through the mails exchanged under these articles. _ _ Every article imported into the United States which is capable M°'k‘°g'°°““'°d‘ of being marked, stamped, branded or labeled, without injury, at the time of its manufacture or production, shall be marked, stamped, branded, or labeled, in legible English words, in a conspicuous place that shall not be covered or obscured by any subsequent attachments or arrangements, so as to indicate the country of origin; such marking, stamping, branding or labeling shall be as nearly indelible and permanent as the nature of the article will permit. F Bed { _ 2. All admissible articles of merchandise mailed in one country sprfaoisgic. mm mi for the other, or received in one country from the other, shall be free from any detention or inspection whatsoever, except such as iis required in connection with the treatment by customs officers and for the collection of customs duties; and shall be forwarded promptly to their destination, being subject in their transmission to the laws and regulations of each country, respectively. ARTICLE III. 1. A letter or communication of the nature of personal corre- Leywrsnocmoaccomspondence must not accompany, be written; on, or inclosed with any pm ‘”"°°lS‘ arcel. ~ P 2. If such be foimd, the letter will be placed in the mails, if ,,({"*l°°"°“ " ’°““d· separable, or, if the communication be_ inseparably attached, the ‘ whole package will be rejected. If, however, any such parcel should inadvertently be forwarded, the country of destination will collect on the letter or letters double rates of postage, according to the rates prescribed by the Universal Postal Convention. 3.QNo parcel may contain packages intended for delivery at an “d!(j;*0;*;¤l¤$¤*€*¤*°*h¤* address other than that borne b the parcel itself. If such inclosed ` packages be detected, they must lie sent forward singly, charged with new and distinct parcel post rates. ‘ ARTICLE IV. 1. The following rates of postage must in all cases be fully pre- R¤’°S°'P°S*¤€°· aid viz: · P 2. lIn the United States for a parcel not exceeding one pound in In U““°°‘ States weight, 12 cents; and for each additional pound or fraction of a pound, 12 cents. _ _ 3. In Siam 95 satangs (about 35 cents gold) for parcels up to 1 I"S‘“'“· poung in weight, and 40 satangs cents gold) for each additional oun . . . t- p 4. The parcels shall be promptly delivered to addressees in ac- D°l"'°'?‘ cordance with the domestic regulations of the countrypof destination, free of charge for postage; but the country of destination may,