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188-l PARCEL POST CONVENTl()N——SlAM. E*°**¤¤¤¤¤m¤¤¤· 3. The exchanges shall be effected through the post offices of both countries already designated as exchange post offices, or through such other offices as may be hereafter agreed upon, under such regulations relative to the details of the exchange as may be mutuall determined to be essential to the security and expedition of the mail; _ and the protection of the customs reven'ues.

  • `“‘*"°€· 4. Although articles admitted under this Convention will be transmitted as aforesaid between the exchange offices, they should be so

carefully packed as to be safely transmitted in the open mails of either country, both in going to the exchange office in the country _ _ of origin and to the office of address in the country of destination. D“°"p“"°““· 5. Each despatch of a parcelrpost mail must be accompanied by a descriptive list in duplicate of all the parcels sent, and which must be inclosed in one of the sacks of such despatch. .- ARTICLE IX. Rweivtefmeiis- 1. As soon as the mail shall have reached the office of destination, _ _ that office shall check the contents of the mail. S‘"’“‘°'"° p“'°°1°‘H‘ 2. In the event of the parcel bill not having been received, a substitute should be prepared at once. C°¥'°°“°“°’°”°'S· 3. Any errors in the entries on the parcel bill which may be discovered shall, after veriication by a second officer, be corrected and noted for report to the des atching office on a form “Bulletin of Verincation " which shouldlbe sent in a special envelo e. N<>¤r¤¤¤¤i¤¢<·fp==rv¤¤- 4. If a parcel advised on the bill be not received, afitier the nonreceipt has been verified by a second officer, the entry on the bill should be canceled and the fact reported at once. D¢¤¤i¤¤¤¤¤¤t¤¤¢- 5. If a parcel be observed to be insufficiently prepaid, it must not be taxed with deficient postage, but the circumstance must be reported on a “Bulletin of Verification " form. Demeged ¤¤'¤‘°lS· 6. Should a parcel be received in damaged or_ imperfect condition, full particulars should be reported on the same form. _ uv§;·;?¤¤*P°*°¤ 0* dv 7. If no “Bulletin of Verification " or note of error be received, a ' parcel mail shall be considered as duly delivered, having been found on examination correct in all respects. ARTICLE X;

0§§,‘L'§§?5°°"S‘h‘l"yf°' Neither of the contracting Administrations will be responsible for

the loss or damage of any parcel, consequently no indemnity can be claimed by the sender or addressee in eitner country. ARTICLE XI. €,§i“"""’ '°g“‘““°°$· The Postmaster General of the United States of America, and the Director General of Posts of Siam, shall have authority jointly to make such further regulations of order and detail and to provide for such changes and modifications from timeto time as may be found necessary to carry out the purpose of the present Convention. ARTICLE XII. §§’gfé, C,,mm,¤ This Convention, which substitutes and abrogates the Convention ¤b{%;=¤$¤» 210, signed in lVashington on the 24th day of February, 1922, and in ` 'p` “Bangkok on the 15th day of October, 1922, shall become effective as of September 1, 1924, and shall continue in force until terminated by mutual agreement; but it may be annulled at the desire of either Department upon six m0nths’_previous notice being given to the other. ·