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1936 PROCLAMATIONS, 1924. L¤¤¤¤ *° *>¤¤¤1¤¤¢¤¢ And I do also roclaim, under authorit of the aforesaid act of g§mv;if1§mf¤ii-msgiiggi June fourth, eightgen hundred and ninety-sgven, that the said Execu- ,§,,,"€_“"“ N“"°"“1 F"` five Order is hereby further modihed so as to admit of immediate selection by the State of Washington, as indemnity in partial satisfaction of its common school grant aud in furtherance of the before mentioned agreement of December 22, 1914, and not otherwise, of the following described lands within the said Chelan National Forest, Was ton, to wit: InhTlg31 N., R. 23 E., WM SEM Sec. 3, WM Sec. 4, NM Seo. 5, NM NEM, SEM NEM, NEM NWM and SM Sec. 6, NM NEM, SWM NEM, NEM NWM and SWM SWM, Sec. 7, NWM and WM SEM Sec. 8, EM NEM, NM NWM, SWM NWM, NM SWM, SEM SWM, NEM SEM and SM SEM Sec. 9, WM NEM, WM, NWM SEM and SM SEM Sec. 10, SWM Sec. 11, WM Sec. 14, NEM NEM, SM NEM, NWM and SM Sec. 15, NWM NEM, SM NEM, NEM NWM, SEM NEM SWM, SM SWM SWM, SEM SWM and SEM Sec. 17 NWM NWM, SM NM and SM Sec. 18, all Sec. 19, NM and SWM Sec. 20, WM Sec. 21, EM, NM NWM and EM SWM Sec. 22, NWM and SM Sec. 23, NWM and EM SWM Sec. 25, NEM and NM NWM Sec. 26, EM SEM NWM, WM NWM NWM NWM NEM SWM, EM SEM NWM SWM and SM SM Sec. 27, NM NEM, SEM NEM; SEM and SM SM Sec. 34, §BM £EM, EM SWM M, S M N M, WM WM and EM SEM c. ; . In T. 37 N. R. 23 E. all Secs. 1, 12, 13 and NM Sec. 24; In T. 38 R. 23 E., all Secs. 1 2, 11, 12, NM NM SM and SEM SEM Sec. 13, EM Sec. 14, EM Sec. 23, NEM NEV SM NEM, SEM NWV and SM Sec. 24, all Sec. 25, EM Sec. 26 EM Sec. 35; In T. 394N., R. 23 E., NEM, NEM NWM, SM NWM and SM Sec. 35; In T. 33 N., R. 24 E., all Sec. 1, NM NM, SWM NWM, WM SWM and SEM SEM Sec. 2, NM and SWM Sec. 3, all Secs. 4 to 15 inclusive, 17, 18, 19, 20, NM, NM SWM, SWM SWM, NM SEM SWg/ NM SM SEV SWV, NM SEM, NM SWM SEM, NM SM WM sm.4, SM SEM slwy SEM md SEM s y ssc. 21 all Secs. 22 and 23, Lots 1, 2, 8, SWiM NEM, NWM, NM SWV SWM SWM, NWV SEV SWM and WM NWM SEM Sec. 24, all Sec. 25 NM, NM slwy SEM SWM and SEM Sec. 26 NM, SWM, NM SEBM and SW}£SE}§, Sec. 27 EM NEM, EM NWM NEM, NM N V SWV N V, M NMa SWM NEM,ISM SWM NEM, SM NM SEM NWM, ISM SEM M, WM WV and SM Sec. 28, all Sec. 29 EM Sec. 30, EM Sec. 31 NEV and NEM SEM Sec. 32 NW]? NEM, NW}%VNM SWM WM WM SEM SWM and SEdMWS% M', S<é%v1;’•,SIgy}§, NEM SWM, SM SWM, NM SEM N1 4 4 BO. ‘ In T. 34 §, R. 24 E., NM, SWM NM SEM, SWM SEM and WM SEM SEM Sec. 1, all Sec. 2, SEM Sec. 10, all Sec. 11 WM NEM NEV WM NEM, SE NEM, NWM and SM Sec. 12, all Secs. 13 and 14,NEM and SM Sec. 15, SM Sec. 20, SM Sec. 21 all Secs. 22 to 27, inclusive, NEM, NM NWM, SWM SWM and EM SEM Sec. 28, all Sec. 29, NEM and SM Sec. 30, all Secs. 31 and 32, NEM NEM, NWM NWM, SM NM and SM Sec. 33, all Secs. 34 and 35; In T. 36 N., R. 24 E., EM Sec. 1, EM Sec. 12; In T. 37 N., R. 24 E., all Secs. 1 to 15, inclusive, 17 and 18, NM and SEM Sec. 19, all Secs. 20 to 27, inclusive, EM Sec. 28, all Sec. 35; In T. 38 N., R. 24 E., all Secs. 1 to 15, inclusive, 17 to 35, inclusive; In T. 39 N., R. 24 E., all Secs. 1, 2, 3, 10 to 15, inclusive, 22, NM, NEM SWM and SEM Sec. 23, all Secs. 24 and 25, EM EM WM, NWM NWM, Lots 1, 2 and SWM SWM Sec. 26, NM NM, SWM