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PROCLAMATIONS, 1924. 194-1 on or since November 11, 1918, to the extent that there shall be, and hereby are fully remitted as to such persons any relinquishment or forfeiture of their rights of citizenship as well as their right to become citizens, and any incapacity to hold office of trust or profit under the United States or to exercise any rights of citizens thereof, which forfeitures and disabilities have heretoIore been or ma hereafter be incurred imder the provisions of the sections of the Iirevised Statutes hereinabove set forth by any such persons in consequence of conviction of desertion committed in time of war as aforesaid. FUR THERMORE, I do hereby proclaim, declare and make known a,,’§§m;’*h°' P°°°“‘°° that nothing contained in this proc amation is intended to remove, or ` to authorize the removal of, any cha e of desertion which may now be standing on the rolls or records ofrgie United States in the case of any person, or as pardoning, remitting or mitigating any penalties to whic any person has become, is now, or erea ter may become liable, except as hereinbefore specifically provided. IN WIT ESS WHEREOF have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. Done at the City of Washington this fifth day of March, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and twenty- [SEAL.] our, and of the Independence of the United States of _ America the one hundred and forty-eighth. Canvm Coomaon By the President: Cuannns E. Huonns Secretary of State. BY Tun Pnnsrnmrr on rmi Unrrnn Sryrns or Amnmoa A PROCLAMATION. WHEREAS, in and by Section 315 (a) of Title III of the Act of wL°fi°pY§dv,Ycl{.,°?°“d Congress approved September 21, 1922, entitled "An Act to provide §{;@;· authotiw revenue, to regulate commerce with foreign countries, to encourage the tion. industries of the United States, and for other purposes/’ it is among v°l'*2’ °‘°°‘ other things provided that whenever the President, upon investigation of the differences in costs of roduction of articles wholly or in part the growth or product of the Uiiited States and of like or similar articles wholly or in part the growth or product of competinig foreign countries, shall find it thereltéy shown that the duties fixe in this Act do not equalize the said di erences in costs of plroduction in the United States and the princi al competing country e shall, b such investigation, ascertain said differences and determine andy proclaim the chan es in classifications or increases or decreases in rates of duty provided in said Act shown by said ascertained differences in such costs of roduction necessar to equalize the same; WHEREAS, in andy by Section 315 (c) of said Act it is f1u·ther V°1·*2·*’·°‘°· provided that in ascertaining the differences in costs of production, under the provisions of subdivisions (a) and (b) of said section, the President, in so far as he finds it practicable, shall take into consideration (1) the differences in conditions in production, includinv wagps, costs of materia.l, and other items in costs in production oil suc or similar articles in the United States and in competing foreign countries; (2) the differences in the wholesale selling prices of omestic and foreign articles in the rincipal markets of the United States; (3) advantages granted to a flireign producer by aforeign government, ' or by a person, partnership, corporation, or association in a foreign country; and (4) any other advantages or disadvantages in competition;