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1964 1>R00LAMAT10Ns, 1924.

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A PROCLAMATION Cherokee National · . . . . gm, 1;,,,,,,,,, ·,·,,,,,_ WHEREAS, It appears that the des ation and sett aside of mggszlble the areas 1D the States of Tegessee aigdl Georgia, hereilxilgfter indi- ‘ gated, the plrotection of game animals, birds, and fish will promote e u c oo : n•gsi:1:ndlGwrglq·h’l`°n- NDW, 'IEHEREFORE, I, Calvin Coolidge, President of the United V°'-3°· P·*’°· States of America, by virtue of the lpower 111 me vested by the act of Congress approved August eleveut_, nineteen hundred and sixteen ent1t ed "An act making a.ppropriations·for the Department of Agriculture for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and seventeen, and for other urposes," do proclaim that there are hereby desiggated and set asidie for the protection of game animals, ,,,'{,{,§,*;§·;,_,g_*;j;sg=,·;; birds, and ii ali lands or the United tates within the Cherokee angoggbm W _ National Forest in the States of Tennessee and Georgia, purchased ve1f4i,pfmé. under the provisions of the act of March first, nineteen hundred and eleven ('I`h1rty-sixth Statutes at Large, page nine hundred and sixty- one), entitled "An act to enable any tate to cooperate with an other State or States, or with the United States, for the protection ofy watersheds of naviglable streams, and to a point a commission for the acqiusition of ands for the purpose oi) conserving the navigability of navigable streams," and acts supplementary thereto and amendatory thereof, as shown on the diagram forming a Ipart hereof, to be kT1:pwn as the Cherokee National Game Refuges umbers One and 0. f,',§‘,‘§°‘°"""*“ Warmglg IS hereb ven to all ersons not to hunt catch tra auth hun , , 1 1 y atc- tm Yvflllfully isturb or killlany kind of) game animal, game or nongauih bird, or fish, or to take the eggs of any such bird, on any lands herein designated or in or on the waters thereof, except under such general SI'\;1c0S and refgulatioas as may be prescribed from time to time y the re o 'c ture. _ INuW`IT WHEREOF, I have hereimto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. DONE at the City of Washington this fifth day of August, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and twenty- [sm;.] our, and of the Independence of the United States of America the one hundred and forty-rgnth. COO ALVIN umm _ By the President: Josmru C. Gnmw Acting Secretary of State.

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A PROCLAMATION M°'“°‘°° B"' N°‘ WHEREAS, it a ears that certain public lands within the area m1?r•ll•1=i¤°1i'Iief°wy°` described in the actpdf Con ess approvgd June 7, 1924 (Public No. ""' °‘ M 229), which have been foungr under the terms of said act to be chiefly valuable for national forest purposes, should be added to the Medicine Bow National Forest, in the State of Wyoming, and designated as a refuge for the protection and procpigatmn of game animals and birds ; “°°°“""‘°"· Now, there ore, I, CALVIN Lmom, President of the United · States of America, by virtue of the power in me vested by the afore- . said act of Congress, entitled, “An Act_Authorizing the addition of certain lands to the Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming, and .