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2248 mnnx. Public Schools, D. C.—Continued. P•K¤- Pueblo Indian Land Grants, N. M¢z.— Pap. duties of first assistant superintendents- 374 Continued. board for examination of teachers to be board to report on land, etc., in possesdesignated on recommendation sion of non-Indian claimants, not of superintendent ___._________ 374 claimed for Indians ...,.._ 637 chief examiners ... ‘374 whether or not lands recoverable by annual substitute teachers authorized; seasonable prosecution, etc . 638 qualifications and assignments-- 374 fair market value of lands, if detertemporary teachers may be appointed; mined recoverable, etc., and loss periods and salary assignments- 375 to Indians by failure to prosecommunity center and other activities cute ,_-______.-,------------- 638 authorized ..-..-.-..- 375 liability of the United States. and salaries, etc., to be paid ...---.. 375 award to the pueblo .-.-.-.---- 638 rates of salary herein effective July 1, judicial effect of award; filing of 1924 .--..-.----...-.--..-... 375 report and award ---.--------- 638 estimates in conformity to be sub- review by court allowed on petition-- 638 mitt/ed ..-..-.----..--...- 375 jurisdiction of court; procedure--- 638 no other increase of compensation petition allowed aggrieved party for fiscal year 1925 -.-.-.-- 375 for review by circuit court of inconsistent laws repealed . - -.--.. 375 appeals .---.------.--.-----.. 638 Public Utilities, jurisdiction and finality of decision appropriation for investigating stand- of circuit court of appeals .--... 638 ards of measurements of, etc- 231, 1040 review of a specific finding not to Public Utilities Commission, D. C., aHect other findings, etc .-.-.-- 638 appropriation for salaries ---.--..- 541, 1219 no awarding of costs --- 638 or general expenses ----_,------ 542, 1219 investigation, etc., as to value of lands, Pueblo onito Agency, N. Mez., etc., purchased and entered by appropriation for support, etc., of In- non-Indians under pueblo deeds, dians at, from tribal funds- - 411, 1161 whose claims were not sustained- 639 Pueblo Bonito Indian Reservation, Ariz., claims within Nambe pueblo grant appropriation for developing water sup- recognized; disposa of lands -.-. 639 ply for Indians on; repay- right of Indians to impeach deed, ment ------..---.--- L ----- 400, 1150 etc --.----------- ., ----------- 639 Pueblo, Colo., value of lands and improvements of terms of court at---; ---...-..--.--.. 243 non-Indian claimants with valid Pueblo Indian Land Grants, N. Mez., title, to be ascertained- ..-- 639 suit to quiet title to lands within, to report as to benefit to Indians, by rebe filed in district court bfy Attor- moval, purchase, etc ...--...-.. 639 ney General on behalf o Pueblo survey of lands the title to which is de- Indians ----..-.---.-.-.-..-.. 636 termined ..--...-..-.. 639 Pueblo Lands Board established; com- approval of judge a part of decree, position ---------.-------- 636 etc -----.--.--------.-..- - - - - 639 quarters, powers, personnel, etc --.- 636 taxation of costs -.-.-.-----..-.-.- 639 compensation, etc., of the appointive meaning of "purchase" as used in member -----.---..---..-...- 636 Act ..-.--.- - ..-----.--.-- 639 investigation, determination, report, field notes, etc., of lands granted Pueblo etc., by of lands of which the Indians, not claimed therefor in title of Indians has not been ex- pending proceedings, etc., to be tinguished --...--.-...--. 636 filed with surveyor general two claims of non·Indians by adverse vears after reports made by possession excluded from report- 636 board .---...---.. 640 unanimous decision required to de- accepted as conclusive of title extermine extinguishment of In- tinguished"- -..--..-...-----. 640 dian title -.-.-..--.-..--- 636 publication, after expiration of right report on each pueblo to be filed of Indians to bring independent with court, etc .-...--- 636 suits, giving names of non-Indian suit to be filed, on filing each report, to claimants or land holdings not quiet title to lands determined as claimed by Indians ..--.-.- 640 not extinguished by -.----- 636 adverse claimants required to file pleas of limitations by adverse claim- notice of contest in proper land ants, admitted ..------.-.---.. 637 office .--...---... 640 actual possession under color of patent to claimant if no contest instititle since January 6, 1902, with tuted .--.-...--...---..-. 640 taxes paid, etc ---.------ - ---.- 637 hearings of contests; benefits alactual possession without color or lowed; edect of patent .---- 640 title since March 16, 1899------ 637 procedure if two or more contests no impairment of right of Indians Eled ---.------..--..---.----- 640 to assert title by court issue ogpatents, ete. without cost--- 641 proceedings prior to fi 'ng of field action if panish or M'exican grant, as- _ notes, etc --.--.-...-- 637 serted by non·Indian party, sujurisdiction of court in; contracts perior to Indian claim --------. 641 with attomeys -.---.-.---. 637 ascertainment by court of value of if plea maintained, decree to claim- land ..-... . .---...-----...-.- 641 ant to be given ---------.-.-.. 637 review on appeal or writ of error ---- 641 plea in favor o pueblo, etc., author- report, etc., to Congress if final ized ---..-..-.-.. 637 finding against Indian claims--- 641