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3136 Articles in transit. CerWkatos of mail- ing. Furnished sender 0:\ request. No rmponsibility for ordinary parceb. In.~urance. Fee. Indemnity limited. PARCEL POST AGREEMENT-MALAYA. January 21. 19;{iJ. MarcIi-22."1935:- of the year shall be shown on the pareel bill of the first despatch of the following year. 5. The exact method of advising parcels or the receptacles ('on- taining them sent by one Post Office in transit through the postal territory of the other together with any details of procedure in con- nection with the advice of such parcels or receptacles for which provision is not made in this Agreement, shall be settled by mutual agreement through correspondence between the two Post Offices. VIII. CERTIFICATES OF MAILING. A certificate of mailing for an ordinary parcel shall be issued to the sender at the time of mailing in accordance with and subject to the regulations prescribed by the country of despatch and each coun- try may fix a reasonable fee therefor. No receipt other than the insurance receipt shall be furnished to the sender in the case of an insured parcel. IX. RESPONSIBILITY NOT AccE£TED FOR ORDINARY PARCELS. Neither the sender nor the addressee of an ordinary (uninsured) parcel shall be entitled to compensation for the loss of the parcel or for the abstraction of or damage to its contents. X. INSURANCE. 1. The sender of a parcel may have the same insured by paying in addition to the postage such insurance fee as is prescribed by the country of origin and in the event of complete loss or loss, abstrac- tion or damage of any article of pecuniary value enclosed in or forming part thereof indemnity shall be paId up to a snm not ex- ceeding $100 gold, when maHed in the Umted States of America or the equivalent thereof $180 (Straits), when mailed in Malaya, pro- vided that the sum paid by way of compensation for the loss, ab- straction or damage shall not exceed the amount of the actual loss, abstraction or damage. No insured parcel shall be indemnified for an amount above the real value of its contents. Otherlimitsbyagree- Both Post Offices reserve the right to al'ran!!e by mutual a!!TCC- mont. L' U ment through correspondence for a higher or lower limit of indem- OOin, jewelry, et.c . nity than that mentioned in this agreement. 2. The insurance of all parcels containing coin, bullion, valuable jewelryl.. or any other precious article exchanged between the two Post Ottices is obligatory. If a parcel contaming coin, bullion, jewelry or any other precious article is mailed uninsured it shall be placed under insurance bv the post office which first observes the fact of its having been mailed uninsured i and treated in accordance with the regulations of the country p acing the matter under insurance. FellS ror indemnity. 3. The Post Office of the country of origin is entitled to fix its own fees for different limits of indemnity within the maximum provided.