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Article 4

Notices to Pan-American Union. To secure the immediate organization of the commissions mentioned in the first Article hereof, the High Contracting Parties engage themselves to notify the Pan-American Union at the time of the deposit of the ratification of the present Additional Protocol in the Ministry of Foreign Relations of the Republic of Chile, the names of the two members whose designation they are empowered to make by Article 4 of the Convention of Santiago, Chile, and said members, so named, shall constitute the members of the Commissions which are to be organized with bilateral character in accordance with this Protocol.

Article 5

Nomination of fifth member of each Commission. It shall be left to the Governing Board of the Pan-American Union to initiate measures for bringing about the nomination of the fifth member of each Commission of Investigation and Conciliation in accordance with the stipulation established in Article 4 of the Convention of Santiago, Chile.

Article 6

Deposit, etc., of ratification. In view of the character which this Protocol has as an addition to the Convention of Conciliation of Washington, of January 5, 1929, the provision of Article 16 of said Convention shall be applied thereto.

Signatures. In witness whereof, the Plenipotentiaries hereinafter indicated, have set their hands and their seals to this Additional Protocol in English and Spanish, in the city of Montevideo, Republic of Uruguay, this twenty-sixth day of the month of December in the year nineteen hundred and thirty-three.

United States of America: Alexander W. Weddell.—J. Butler Wright.

Uruguay: A. Mañé.—José Pedro Varela.—Mateo Marques Castro.—Dardo Regules.—Sofía Alvarez Vignoli de Demicheli.—Teófilo Piñeyro Chain.—Luis A. de Herrera.—Martín R. Echegoyen.—José G. Antuña.—J. C. Blanco.—Pedro Manini Ríos.—Rodolfo Mezzera.—Octavio Morató.—Luis Morquio.—José Serrato.

Ecuador: A. Aguirre Aparicio.—Arturo Scarone.

Chile: J. Ramón Gutiérrez.—F. Figueroa.—B. Cohen. Certified copy.

Republic of Uruguay

Ministry of Foreign Relations

This is a true copy and in conformity with the original in English of the Additional Protocol to the General Convention of Inter-American Conciliation approved by the Seventh International American Conference which is deposited in the archives of this Ministry of Foreign Relations.

Montevideo, March 31. 1934.

Mateo Marques Castro,

Minister Plenipotentiary.
Assistant Secretary of State
in the Department of Foreign