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PARCEL POST AGREEMENT-W"INDWARD ISLANDS. May 20, 1930. June 21, 19:)5. 3231 (b) An enclosure which bears an address different from that placed dr~th different ad- on the cover of the parcel. ( C) Any live animals, except leeches. Lh'e animal;;. ( d) Any article of which the admission is not authorised by the A<!mission not au- (' hI I" f . . h thonzed. ustoms or ot er aws or regu atIons m orce melt er country. (e) Any explosive or inflammable article, and, in general, any arti- Explosives. cle of which the conveyance is dangerous. 2. "Then alarcel contravening any of these prohibitions is handed Action to Ie takell. over by one dministration to the other, the latter shall proceed in accordance with its laws and its inland regulations. 3. The two Postal Administrations shall furnish each other with a . ~,ist of prohib.ite<i ar· I·f h'b'd . Ibh -II hbdk to be furnIShed. 1st0 p,ro1Ite artIces; utt eyWI nott ereyunertaeany responsIbility whatever towards the police, the Customs authorities, or the senders of parcels. V. CUSTO::\lS J)CTIES. The parcels shall be subject in the country of destination to all customs duties and all customs regulations in force in that country for the protection of its customs revenues, and the customs duties properly chargeable thereon shall be collected on delivery, in accord- ance WIth the customs regulations of the country of destination. VI. METHOD OF EXCHANGE m' 1)ARCELS. 1. The parcels shall be exchanged, in sacks duly fastened and ~ealed, by the Offices appointed by agreement between the two Ad- ministrations, and shall be dispatched to the country of destination by the country of origin at its cost and by such means as it provides. 2. Insured parcels shall be enclosed in separate sacks from those in which ordinary parcels are contained, and the labels of sacks containing insured parcels shall be marked with such distinctive symbols as may from time to time be agreed upon. VII. BILLlN(J OF PARCELS. CustOlllS dulir.' . l'~r("e:" ~uhjed 10. 1. The ordinary (unin.sured parcels) included in each dispatch sent (,ri:nlry to the Windward Islands shall be advised on the parcel bill by the simple entry of their total number, according to the divisions of weight (a) up to 11 pounds and (b) over 11 up to 22 pounds. The ordinary parcels included in each dispatch sent to the United Stutes of America are to be entered on the parcel bills to show the total number of parcels and the total net weight thereof. 2. Insured parcels shall be entered individually on separate parcel InSUred. bills. The entries concerning each parcel shall show the insuranee number, the office (and state or country) of origin. In the case of parcels sent to the United States of America, the bulk net weight of all the parcels must also be shown. In the case of parcels sent to the 'Vindward Islands, an indication of the division of weight must also be shown the same as in the case of ordinary parcels. 3. Returned or redirected parcels must he entered individuan~ on Heturned, ('te, par· the parcel bills and must be followed by the word "Returned ' or C('ls. "Redirected ", as the case may be. A statement of the charges which may be due on these parcels should be shown in the" Observations" column. 4. The total amounts to be credited by one Administration to the I' ,:\~tement to Q('('Om- other and the total number of sacks comprising each dispatch must '.. also he shown on the pared bills.