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Article VI.

Future adherence. The States which do not sign the present treaty on the date it is opened for signature, may sign or adhere to it at any time.

Article VII.

Deposit with Pan-American Union. The instruments of accession, as well as those of ratification and denunciation of the present treaty, shall be deposited with the Pan-American Union, which shall communicate notice of the act of deposit to the other signatory or acceding States.

Article VIII.

Denunciation. The present treaty may be denounced at any time by any of the signatory or acceding States, and the denunciation shall go into effect three months after notice of it has been given to the other signatory or acceding States.


In witness whereof, the undersigned Plenipotentiaries, after having deposited their full powers found to be in due and proper form, sign this treaty on behalf of their respective governments, and affix thereto their seals, on the dates appearing opposite their signatures.