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article 17

Formalities not provided for. Except as expressly provided for in the present convention, aircraft shall be exempt from sanitary formalities at the aerodromes both of call and of final destination.

Part III

Sanitary regulations applicable in the case of certain diseases.Sanitary Regulations Applicable in the Case of Certain Diseases.

article 18

Specified diseases. The diseases which are the subject of the special measures prescribed by this part of the convention are: Plague, cholera, yellow fever, exanthematous typhus, and smallpox.

article 19

Reckoning incubation period. For the purposes of the present convention, the period of incubation is reckoned as:

6 days in the case of plague;
5 days in the case of cholera;
6 days in the case of yellow fever;
12 days in the case of exanthematous typhus; and
14 days in the case of smallpox.

article 20

Notification of prescribed measures.
Vol. 45, p. 2500.
The chief health authorities shall transmit to the sanitary and authorized aerodromes of their respective countries all information contained in the epidemiological notifications and communications received from the Office International d’Hygiène Publique (and the regional bureaus with which it has made agreements for this purpose) in execution of the provisions of the International Sanitary Convention of June 21, 1926, which may affect the exercise of sanitary control in those aerodromes.

article 21

Measure prescribed to constitute maximum.

The chief Measures prescribed in this part of the convention shall be regarded as constituting a maximum, within the limits of which