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article 57

Discretionary landings.
Ante, pp. 3295, 3300.
Subject to the provisions of chapter II of the present convention and particularly those of article 47, any aircraft which does not wish to submit to the measures prescribed by the aerodrome authority, in virtue of the provisions of the present convention, is at liberty to continue its voyage. It may not, however, land in another aerodrome of the same country, except for purposes of taking in supplies.

Discharging cargo.
Ante, p. 3285.
An aircraft shall be permitted to land goods on condition that it is isolated and that the goods are subjected, if necessary, to the measures laid down in article 10 of the present convention.

Passengers. Aircraft shall also be permitted to disembark passengers at their request, on the condition that such passengers submit to the measures prescribed by the sanitary authority.

Taking in fuel, etc. Aircraft may also take in fuel, replacements, food, and water while remaining in isolation.

Part IV

Final provisions.Final Provisions

article 58

Bilateral agreements permitted.
Ante, p. 3295.
Any two or more High Contracting Parties have the right to conclude between themselves, on the basis of the principles of the present convention, special agreements relating to particular points concerning aerial sanitary measures, notably as regards the application within their territories of chapter II of part III.

Notice of agreements.
Ante, p. 3282.

These agreements, as well as those referred to in article 46, shall be notified, as soon as tley come into force, either to the Office International d’Hygiène Publique, or to the International Commission for Air Navigation, under the conditions laid down in article 7.