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authority of the Captain or Commander of such vessel, or by fraud or violence taking possession of such vessel;

Assault on shipboard. (d) Assault on board ship upon the high seas with intent to do bodily harm.

Burglary, etc. 9. Burglary; house-breaking.

Unlawful entry of public offices, etc. 10. The act of breaking into and entering the offices of the Government or public authorities, or other buildings not dwellings with intent to commit a felony therein.

Robbery. 11. Robbery.

Forgery, etc. 12. Forgery or the utterance of forged papers.

Forgery of public documents. 13. The forgery or falsification of the official acts of the Government or public authorities, including Courts of Justice, or the uttering or fraudulent use of any of the same.

Counterfeiting. 14. The fabrication of counterfeit money, whether coin or paper, counterfeit titles or coupons of public debt, created by National, State, Provincial, Territorial, Local, or Municipal Governments, bank notes or other instruments of public credit, counterfeit seals, stamps, dies and marks of State or public administrations, and the utterance, circulation or fraudulent use of the above mentioned objects.

Embezzlement. 15. Embezzlement.

Kidnapping. 16. Kidnapping of minors or adults, defined to be the abduction or detention of a person or persons, in order to exact money from them, their families or any other person or persons, or for any other unlawful end.

Larceny. 17. Larceny, defined to be the theft of effects, personal property, or money, of the value of twenty-five dollars or more, or Albanian equivalent.